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1996 - 2002
81 Episodes

Arliss Michaels............Robert Wuhl
Rita Wu......................Sandra Oh
Stanley Babson.........Michael Boatman
Kirby Carlisle..............Jim Turner
Mike Armstrong.............John Reilly
Bob Costas..................Bob Costas
Bernie Orenstein...Richard Minchenberg
Jeremy Brenner............Matt Winston
Jim Lampley................Jim Lampley
Latrelle Shabazz.........Mailon Rivera
Tommy Lasorda............Tommy Lasorda

Arli$$ followed the career of sports agent Arliss Michaels. Episodes often featured cameos by real-life figures from the sports world. Although the series should have been to sports what The Larry Sanders Show was to the entertainment industry, Arli$$ just wasn't nearly as funny.

Here is the complete episode list for Arli$$. It includes original air dates, episode numbers, episode titles, and brief episode descriptions.

The first column of this table indicates the episodes of Arli$$ we currently have in our archive. (All episodes were recorded in standard play on VHS tapes.) The entries for this column are defined as follows:
[blank] Episode not currently in archive
ORIG Episode was recorded from its original broadcast
RERUN Episode was recorded from a rerun (no known cuts)

Episode 1 Season 1
Number 1
A Man of Our Times Sports manager Arliss Michaels wheels and deals; with Jerry Jones; Shaquille O'Neal; Bob Costas; Jim Palmer; Danny Tartabull.
Episode 2 Season 1
Number 2
Negotiating: It's Never Personal Arliss intervenes in a young hoopster's contract negotiations.
Episode 3 Season 1
Number 3
How to Turn a Minus into a Plus Arliss stages a boxing match, which doesn't come off as planned.
Episode 4 Season 1
Number 4
Athletes ARE Role Models A Bible-quoting quarterback is involved with a transvestite.
Episode 5 Season 1
Number 5
What about the Fans? A hockey-team owner offers Arliss partial ownership if he finds a new city for the team.
Episode 6 Season 1
Number 6
The Company You Keep Arliss gets a $54 million offer for the agency; with Alex Karras; Barry Bonds.
Episode 7 Season 1
Number 7
Crossing the Line Arliss manages a low-ranked woman tennis player; with Alonzo Mourning; John McEnroe; Tracy Austin.
Episode 8 Season 1
Number 8
How to Deal with the Media Arliss makes comments construed as racist; with Charles Steiner; Roy Firestone; Fred Williamson.
Episode 9 Season 1
Number 9
Timing Is Everything Arliss launches a beach volleyball league, to his regret.
Episode 10 Season 1
Number 10
The Client's Best Interest Arliss parlays deals for a rotisserie baseball team.
Episode 11 Season 1
Number 11
The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of Arliss gets a job for a washed-up ballplayer at a home shopping network.
Episode 12 Season 2
Number 1
A Full Service Agency A baseball player suspects his wife is having an affair; with Michael Andretti; Tim McCarver; Bruce Smith.
Episode 13 Season 2
Number 2
The Value of Loyalty Romances interfere with Arliss' client relationships; with Carmen Policy; Bill Walsh; Bruce Smith.
Episode 14 Season 2
Number 3
Arliss Michaels, American A client's drug arrest jeopardizes Arliss' invitation to the White House; with James Carville, Katarina Witt.
Episode 15 Season 2
Number 4
The World at Your Feet A mother wants her tennis-playing son to go to college; guest Tommy Lasorda.
Episode 16 Season 2
Number 5
Salary Cap This Arliss lobbies to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated; with Bob Arum, David Falk, Jerry West.
Episode 17 Season 2
Number 6
Kirby Carlisle, Trouble Shooter Arliss injures his back, leaving Kirby to tend a golfer at a tournament; with Norm Crosby, Jim Nantz.
Episode 18 Season 2
Number 7
The Real Thing A client hits his 500th home run, and everybody wants the ball; with Henry Aaron; Roger Clemens; Frank Robinson; Larry King.
Episode 19 Season 2
Number 8
Visionary for a New Millenium Arliss dates a marketing maven who ends up stealing his clients; with Alexi Lalas; Jim Lampley; Orlando Pace.
Episode 20 Season 2
Number 9
How to Be a Good Listener Client crises disrupt Arliss' golf trip; with Brett Favre; Lisa Leslie; Ted Turner; Chris Berman.
Episode 21 Season 2
Number 10
Truth and Responsibility Arliss needs to settle a score with a slandering radio host; with Pete Rose; Jim Harbaugh; Eric Karros.
Episode 22 Season 3
Number 1
My Job Is to Get Jobs Rumor has it that a quarterback client is gay; Rita gets a Ferrari.
Episode 23 Season 3
Number 2
Whatever It Takes Football deals are complicated; Rita enters a 10K race.
Episode 24 Season 3
Number 3
Fans First A crazed fan stabs a client at a Super Bowl party.
Episode 25 Season 3
Number 4
Trust Arliss tries to collect Kirby's hockey commissions; a trash-talking hoopster wants back in the league.
Episode 26 Season 3
Number 5
Where Do Clients Come From? Arliss recruits a suicidal NASCAR driver; Kirby goes after a bass-fishing champion.
Episode 27 Season 3
Number 6
The Legacy The NCAA investigates a university for whom Arliss just landed a lucrative TV deal.
Episode 28 Season 3
Number 7
What Arliss Hath Joined Together… Arliss aids an African hoopster's plans to marry a Jewish girl.
Episode 29 Season 3
Number 8
Arliss Michaels, Everyman Arliss spends a rainy day alone at the office; Stanley and Kirby go for a tax audit.
Episode 30 Season 3
Number 9
Stanley Babson, Win Place or Show Arliss regrets buying a thoroughbred horse with a client's money.
Episode 31 Season 3
Number 10
Behind Every Great Client… Arliss has an affair with a client's wife.
Episode 32 Season 3
Number 11
The American Game Arliss toys with the idea of representing a ballplayer who crossed picket lines in 1994.
Episode 33 Season 3
Number 12
What Would I Do without Wu? Rita wants to be an agent but finds the moral compromises troubling.
Episode 34 Season 3
Number 13
His Name Is Arliss Michaels A client sues Arliss for conflict of interest.
Episode 35 Season 4
Number 1
Cause and Effect Arliss has a health scare.
Episode 36 Season 4
Number 2
Our Past, Our Present, Our Future Arliss represents a young ice-skater whose parents are spending all of her money.
Episode 37 Season 4
Number 3
People Are Assets Too Arliss tries to get his prestigious court-side seats back.
Episode 38 Season 4
Number 4
The Stories You Don't Hear About A fight Arliss promotes goes awry because of a domestic dispute; with Jamal Anderson; Bob Arum; Al Bernstein; Jim Lampley; Oscar de la Hoya; Jim Hill; Don King.
Episode 39 Season 4
Number 5
Taking One for the Team Arliss dates a potential client's mother; with Steve Berg; Bob Costas; Tim Couch; Ken Griffey Jr.
Episode 40 Season 4
Number 6
You Gotta Love This Game Arliss is convinced to represent a female basketball player.
Episode 41 Season 4
Number 7
The Changing of the Guard Arliss negotiates with the owner of a small-market baseball team.
Episode 42 Season 4
Number 8
To Thine Own Self Be True Arliss negotiates a pitcher's contract; a hockey client becomes a professional wrestler.
Episode 43 Season 4
Number 9
The Cult of Celebrity A country singer wants to join baseball; Stanley falls in love.
Episode 44 Season 4
Number 10
D-Day Arliss gets chicken pox; Kirby and Stanley prepare a client for the draft.
Episode 45 Season 4
Number 11
The Art of Give and Take Arliss pays to ease a painful childhood memory.
Episode 46 Season 4
Number 12
Rules of the Game Arliss gets a make-over; Rita dates an agent; Stanley may join a country club.
Episode 47 Season 5
Number 1
Making Things Happen Arliss finds out that a friend, who is about to be elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame, is charged with domestic abuse.
Episode 48 Season 5
Number 2
Creatures of Habit Arliss sends a client to a hypnotist to help him quit chewing tobacco, which seems to work.
Episode 49 Season 5
Number 3
I Get Involved Arliss is caught in the middle when two of his clients date the same woman.
Episode 50 Season 5
Number 4
Comings and Goings Arliss helps a client bury his mother; Stanley tries to escape his chess slump.
Episode 51 Season 5
Number 5
It's Who You Know Arliss tries to talk the "pot dealer of the NBA" out of retiring; Rita (Sandra Oh) has a relationship with a physical trainer. Guest stars: Wade Boggs, Coolio, Jeanette Lee, Rafael Palmeiro and David Wells.
Episode 52 Season 5
Number 6
The Value of Honesty Arliss has an affair with a coach who his client wants to have fired; Kirby and Rita get together. Guest stars: Eric Dickerson and Jose Lima.
Episode 53 Season 5
Number 7
The Sum of the Parts When a client needs a kidney, Arliss tries to convince the guy's brother to donate one of his. Guest stars: Jessie Armstead, Steve Francis, Kevin Greene and Pat O'Brien.
Episode 54 Season 5
Number 8
Honoring Our Past Arliss schemes to get a boxing client out of the Army; Stanley tries to get a football team to change its mascot. Guest star: Chris Webber.
Episode 55 Season 5
Number 9
The Fire Within Arliss pursues popular mascot Reggie the Rooster, using a fundraiser Stanley has organized for another mascot, who was injured in the line of duty. Rita takes up boxing after a series of obscene phone calls.
Episode 56 Season 5
Number 10
Last Call Arliss tries to get an aging broadcaster re-signed by a team's owner; Rita ghostwrites for Arliss. Guest stars: Ed Asner, Tommy Lasorda, Al Leiter, Rudy Martzke, Jon Miller and Lamar Odom.
Episode 57 Season 5
Number 11
The Truth Shall Set You Free Arliss' n'er-do-well brother, Archie, uses his name in a scam; Kirby and Stanley plot to fleece a stadium concession tycoon. Guest stars: David Keith, Jim Brown, Leonard Maltin, Ryan Klesko and Lawrence Taylor.
Episode 58 Season 5
Number 12
Where There's a Will Arliss is named executor of a jockey's will leaving everything to his wife, but he has two of them; Kirby's ex-coach is homeless.
Episode 59 Season 5
Number 13
When Opportunity Knocks Kirby leaves the agency to join a football league, leaving Arliss, Rita and Stanley to cope without him. Doug Flutie, Barry Larkin, Alex Ochoa and Jeremy Roenick guest star.
Episode 60 Season 5
Number 14
A Breed Apart Arliss pursues a popular mascot, Reggie the Rooster; Rita takes up boxing after getting obscene phone calls. Guest stars: Laila Ali, Tracy McGrady, Baron Davis, Jason Giambi and Jeremy Giambi.
Episode 61 Season 6
Number 1
Setting Precedents Arliss helps a lesbian client and her lover fulfill their dream of having a baby; Kirby helps an athlete complete his degree. Guest star: Daunte Culpepper.
Episode 62 Season 6
Number 2
You Are Your Priorities Arliss rekindles an old flame; Stanley and Kirby invest in a rodeo bull. Guest stars: Hugh Douglas, Derek Fisher, Rick Fox, John Lynch, Ty Murray, Shaquille O'Neal and Tony Siragusa.
Episode 63 Season 6
Number 3
Fielding Offers Arliss travels to Canada to steal a hockey team; Rita uses alternative medicine to combat aging. Guest stars: Charles Durning, Lou Diamond Phillips, Jason Sehorn and David Wells.
Episode 64 Season 6
Number 4
A Question of Character Arliss tries to handle problems from a race-car driver's wives, both current and former. Floyd Mayweather and James Worthy guest star.
Episode 65 Season 6
Number 5
The Price of Their Toys Arliss tries to get a married couple their own show; Kirby deals with a spoiled client. Rachel York, Dick Clark, Gary Miller, Dick Stockton, Lesley Visser and Bob Costas guest star.
Episode 66 Season 6
Number 6
Like No Business I Know Arliss decides to take revenge on a baseball manager who embarrassed him; an actor studies Kirby as research for a role. Tom Arnold, Steve Kmetko, Lennox Lewis, Jeffrey Lyons and Jeff Fahey guest star.
Episode 67 Season 6
Number 7
Of Cabbages and Kings Kirby represents a college basketball coach; Arliss tries to sell beachfront property. Kelly Slater, Ken Howard, Warrick Dunn and Jerry Stackhouse guest star.
Episode 68 Season 6
Number 8
As Others See Us While Rita visits her family, Kirby and Stanley prepare the "surprise roast" of Arliss. Guest stars include David Brenner, Jack Carter, Norm Crosby, Phyllis Diller, Marshall Faulk, Sparky Anderson, Jeremy Roenick and Rosalind Chao.
Episode 69 Season 6
Number 9
Giving Something Back A female golf client conceals a secret; Kirby gets a hold of a piece of rare memorabilia.
Episode 70 Season 6
Number 10
Hard Choices Arliss deals with his first fiscal year in the red; Kirby tolerates his model girlfriend.
Episode 71 Season 7
Number 1
The Immortal Arliss deals with a revered baseball legend and his namesake daughter. Stanley escorts a boxer to his HBO debut.
Episode 72 Season 7
Number 2
What You See Is What You Get Rita manages a client's political passion, while Arliss helps a team member find her passion. Stanley's new car gets dinged.
Episode 73 Season 7
Number 3
In with the New Arliss works to make an NBA client's dream come true, while Stanley mentors a student project.
Episode 74 Season 7
Number 4
There's No I in Team Arliss hires a protégé, to the dismay of Kirby. Rita is attracted to the chef at Stanley's new restaurant.
Episode 75 Season 7
Number 5
Playing It Safe Arliss tries to realize his gold record dreams while helping a baseball player through a tough decision.
Episode 76 Season 7
Number 6
Moments to Remember Kirby dates a female body builder, while Arliss motivates a traumatized NFL client.
Episode 77 Season 7
Number 7
It's All in the Game Arliss and Kirby support an ex-client's political rise while Rita seeks a spokesmodel for a specialty clothing item.
Episode 78 Season 7
Number 8
Standards and Practices Stanley advises his sought-after football-star nephew on choosing the right college, while Arliss helps a female football reporter negotiate with network executives who see her as too old for the job.
Episode 79 Season 7
Number 9
End Game Arliss and Stanley try to persuade a reclusive former chess champion to get back into the game, and Rita is wooed by a former lover.
Episode 80 Season 7
Number 10
Profiles in Agenting Stanley and Kirby try to persuade boxer Roy Jones Jr. to endorse an innovative cooking product, while Arliss is smitten with Rita's sports photographer friend.
Episode 81 Season 7
Number 11
All That Glitters Stunned by the sudden death of a good friend, Arliss goes off on a road trip of soul searching, leaving Rita, Kirby and Stanley to manage AMM on their own.

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