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You Can Bet on That
A podcast for the recreational gambler


1967 - 1970
83 Episodes

Sister Bertrille (Elsie Ethrington)........Sally Field
Sister Jacqueline........................Marge Redmond
Reverend Mother Superior Plaseato...Madeleine Sherwood
Carlos Ramirez...........................Alejandro Rey
Sister Sixto..........................Shelley Morrison
Sister Ana...............................Linda Dangcil
Marcello............................Manuel Padilla Jr.
Capt. Gaspar Formento......................Vito Scotti
Sister Theresa...........................Naomi Stevens

The Flying Nun was an odd little comedy about a nun in a Puerto Rican convent who, when wearing her cornette, had the ability to fly. Despite the silly premise, the show was surprisingly down-to-earth (so to speak).

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Episode 1 Season 1
Number 1
The Flying Nun (Part 1) Sr. Bertrille (Sally Field) tries to get Carlos (Alejandro Rey) to donate land to the convent.
Episode 2 Season 1
Number 2
The Flying Nun (Part 2) Sr. Bertrille (Sally Field) tries to get Carlos (Alejandro Rey) to donate land to the convent.
Episode 3 Season 1
Number 3
The Convert Sr. Bertrille tries to explain her flying ability to Carlos.
Episode 4 Season 1
Number 4
Old Cars for New A car dealer finds the perfect sucker: Sr. Bertrille.
Episode 5 Season 1
Number 5
A Bell for San Tanco Sr. Bertrille and Carlos try to salvage the convent's bell from the deep.
Episode 6 Season 1
Number 6
The Fatal Hibiscus Rumors of Sr. Bertrille's imminent demise lead to a conspiracy to brighten her last days.
Episode 7 Season 1
Number 7
Flight of a Dodo Bird A psychologist creates problems for the grounded Sr. Bertrille.
Episode 8 Season 1
Number 8
Polly Wants a Cracked Head A parrot has the sisters all aflutter and the Reverend Mother aghast.
Episode 9 Season 1
Number 9
Ah Love, Could You and I Conspire A gangster's girlfriend takes refuge with the nuns, vowing not to budge until she gets a wedding band.
Episode 10 Season 1
Number 10
Days of Nuns and Roses Sr. Bertrille's latest business venture: sea-grape juice.
Episode 11 Season 1
Number 11
With Love from Irving Sr. Bertrille has a new admirer: a pelican that thinks she's a bird of a feather.
Episode 12 Season 1
Number 12
It's an Ill Wind A meeting of mobsters is disrupted when Sr. Bertrille makes a landing in their midst.
Episode 13 Season 1
Number 13
A Young Man with a Coronet A boy who saw Sr. Bertrille's inadvertent take-off is in Dutch for telling lies.
Episode 14 Season 1
Number 14
The Patron of Santa Thomasina A pack-mule trip plummets Sr. Bertrille into a predicament.
Episode 15 Season 1
Number 15
If You Want to Fly, Keep Your Coronet Dry Sr. Bertrille and 10 children try to find their way out of the jungle.
Episode 16 Season 1
Number 16
The Dig In Sr. Bertrille is trapped in a mine cave-in with Bill Watkins, derelict, born loser and avowed pessimist.
Episode 17 Season 1
Number 17
Walking in a Winter Wonderland A white Christmas, courtesy of Sr. Bertrille, threatens San Juan's tourist trade.
Episode 18 Season 1
Number 18
With a Friend Like Him Sr. Bertrille lends a hand to Brother Paul, a walking calamity who made a historic discovery then lost it.
Episode 19 Season 1
Number 19
Tonio's Mother A boy is making a shambles of his father's wedding plans: he's convinced that the flying nun is his mother returned from heaven.
Episode 20 Season 1
Number 20
A Fish Story Sr. Bertrille helps a salty old seaman fish for another line of work.
Episode 21 Season 1
Number 21
The Hot Spell Outflanked by gangsters, Carlos passes ownership of his casino to the nuns.
Episode 22 Season 1
Number 22
My Sister, the Sister Sr. Bertrille, her sister Jennifer and Carlos embark on a medical mission in the jungle.
Episode 23 Season 1
Number 23
Sister Lucky Sr. Bertrille is adopted as a charm by a hapless gambler in search of good luck.
Episode 24 Season 1
Number 24
The Sister and the Old Salt Sr. Bertrille flies out to sea to aid a foundering craft.
Episode 25 Season 1
Number 25
Cyrano de Bertrille Albert Paulsen plays an illiterate determined to learn to read and write.
Episode 26 Season 1
Number 26
Reconversion of Sister Shapiro Sr. Bertrille has a problem: Carlos's Jewish goddaughter wants to become a nun.
Episode 27 Season 1
Number 27
Where There's a Will The sisters inherit a boxer, turning the convent into a training camp and Carlos into a promoter.
Episode 28 Season 1
Number 28
The Puce Albert Sr. Bertrille flies to the rescue of a marine facing court-martial.
Episode 29 Season 1
Number 29
May the Wind Be Always at Your Back Carlos becomes the object of a teenager's first crush.
Episode 30 Season 1
Number 30
Love Me, Love My Dog A stray dog with a penchant for stealing upsets the convent.
Episode 31 Season 1
Number 31
You Can't Get There from Here Carlos navigates new depths of despair when he's marooned on a desert island with Sr. Bertrille.
Episode 32 Season 2
Number 1
Song of Bertrille A ruckus brews when Sr. Bertrille writes a song to be introduced by a rock group.
Episode 33 Season 2
Number 2
The Crooked Convent Blundering Fomento (Vito Scotti) puts his worst foot forward at a convent bazaar.
Episode 34 Season 2
Number 3
The Rabbi and the Nun Sr. Bertrille joins forces with a rabbi to get a groom's gambled money back from Carlos.
Episode 35 Season 2
Number 4
The Return of Father Lundigan Paul Lynde stars as Father Lundigan, a psychologist mindful of convent oddities.
Episode 36 Season 2
Number 5
The Convent Is Condemned The convent and Casino Carlos feel the bite when Fomento lashes out at lawlessness in San Tanco.
Episode 37 Season 2
Number 6
A Star Is Reborn All eyes are on the convent when a movie star decides to become a nun.
Episode 38 Season 2
Number 7
The Organ Transplant The sisters' dream becomes a nightmare when they acquire an organ.
Episode 39 Season 2
Number 8
Two Bad Eggs Unrelated incidents mesh into one frenzy at the convent.
Episode 40 Season 2
Number 9
All Alone by the Convent Phone An eerily deserted nunnery sets the scene for one fumbling detective and Sr. Bertrille.
Episode 41 Season 2
Number 10
It's an Ill Windfall A search for a benefactor embroils the nuns in a wild misunderstanding with a politician.
Episode 42 Season 2
Number 11
Slightly Hot Parking Meters Fomento accuses the sisters of swiping pennies from parking meters.
Episode 43 Season 2
Number 12
To Fly or Not to Fly Sr. Bertrille struggles to keep her feet on the ground during the Mother General's visit.
Episode 44 Season 2
Number 13
How to Be a Spanish Grandmother Everyone gets into the act to convince Carlos's grandmother that he is a happily married man.
Episode 45 Season 2
Number 14
The Landlord Cometh The nuns meet an eviction notice with an appeal that brings their landlord to the door.
Episode 46 Season 2
Number 15
Sister Socko in San Tanco A magician refuses to do a one-man benefit, so Sr. Bertrille gets into the act.
Episode 47 Season 2
Number 16
Great Casino Robbery (Part 1) Sr. Bertrille's roguish uncle wreaks havoc in the convent.
Episode 48 Season 2
Number 17
Great Casino Robbery (Part 2) Thanks to Sr. Bertrille's uncle, he and she are in jail.
Episode 49 Season 2
Number 18
The Boyfriend Flashbacks give two versions of an adolescent romance between Sr. Bertrille and visitor Randy Putnam (Dwayne Hickman).
Episode 50 Season 2
Number 19
The Kleptomonkeyac Thanks to a light-fingered monkey, Sr. Bertrille is chief suspect in a rash of thefts.
Episode 51 Season 2
Number 20
The Moo Is Blue Sr. Bertrille launches a campaign to save a cow from the butcher.
Episode 52 Season 2
Number 21
The Breakaway Monk Disaster-prone Brother Paul returns to help Carlos with a tax audit.
Episode 53 Season 2
Number 22
Happy Birthday, Dear Gaspar Fomento thinks that a surprise party is for him.
Episode 54 Season 2
Number 23
Cast Your Bread Upon the Waters The push is on to mass-produce bread at the convent.
Episode 55 Season 2
Number 24
The Convent Gets the Business The convent goes into the red under the inept management of Carlos's cousin.
Episode 56 Season 2
Number 25
Cousins by the Dozens Sister Bertrille unwittingly nets Carlos a gaggle of dependent relatives and one more punctured romance.
Episode 57 Season 2
Number 26
The Lottery Sr. Bertrille sparks a frenzy by returning a lottery ticket.
Episode 58 Season 3
Number 1
The Big Game Baseball fever strikes Sr. Bertrille. Cameos by Don Drysdale and Willie Davis.
Episode 59 Season 3
Number 2
My Sister the Star A TV executive tries to turn Sr. Bertrille into a show-biz nun.
Episode 60 Season 3
Number 3
Speak the Speech, I Pray You Robert Cummings plays a priest unnerved by his first parish.
Episode 61 Season 3
Number 4
The Paolo Story A convent secretary acquires an "abandoned" baby.
Episode 62 Season 3
Number 5
Marcello's Idol Carlos's job as part-time father to a boy grows to unexpected heights.
Episode 63 Season 3
Number 6
Guess Who's Coming to Picket A casual chat with strikers lands Sr. Bertrille smack in a bind between labor and management.
Episode 64 Season 3
Number 7
The Not So Great Impostor A hotshot reporter worms his way into the convent, determined to get a story on the flying nun.
Episode 65 Season 3
Number 8
A Convent Full of Miracles Nehemiah Persoff plays all-time good guy Alonzo Baldaran, who's showering the convent with gifts.
Episode 66 Season 3
Number 9
Hector and the Brass Band It's chaos for all concerned when the convent purchases a burro.
Episode 67 Season 3
Number 10
The New Habit Sr. Bertrille is grounded by a wingless bonnet.
Episode 68 Season 3
Number 11
Bertrille and the Silent Flicks Sister Bertrille arranges a personal appearance of silent movie queen Gloria Davenport, now the Mother General of the order.
Episode 69 Season 3
Number 12
A Ticket for Bertrille Sr. Bertrille lands in jail for illegal parking.
Episode 70 Season 3
Number 13
The New Carlos Convinced no one likes him, Carlos becomes a new man.
Episode 71 Season 3
Number 14
Dear Aggie The sisters become temporary and zealous lovelorn columnists.
Episode 72 Season 3
Number 15
My Sister, the Doctor Sr. Bertrille's sister Jennifer finds her stay at the convent anything but restful.
Episode 73 Season 3
Number 16
Armando and the Pool Table The nuns create a monster when they teach a boy pool.
Episode 74 Season 3
Number 17
Hello Columbus Carlos's cousin is cast in a convent pageant.
Episode 75 Season 3
Number 18
The Dumbest Kid in School Robert Lansing plays an alumnus of the orphanage seeking to adopt a problem child.
Episode 76 Season 3
Number 19
Man's Best Friend Isn't Sr. Bertrille makes the mistake of minding the plumber's dog.
Episode 77 Season 3
Number 20
The Somnaviatrix It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Sister Bertrille flying in her sleep!
Episode 78 Season 3
Number 21
Papa Carlos Carlos's adopted war orphan arrives and she's a beauty.
Episode 79 Season 3
Number 22
The Candid Commercial Sr. Bertrille becomes the unwitting star of a commercial.
Episode 80 Season 3
Number 23
A Gift for El Charro A bullfighter seeks sanctuary to learn to read and write English.
Episode 81 Season 3
Number 24
When Generations Gap Singers Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart are delayed for their engagement at Casino Carlos: they've had a traffic accident with Sr. Bertrille.
Episode 82 Season 3
Number 25
Operation Population Sr. Bertrille fights city hall to save a playground.
Episode 83 Season 3
Number 26
No Tears for Mrs. Thomas A septuagenarian asks the nuns to arrange his funeral on the double.

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