27-Feb-2001 Episode 1 Season 1
Number 1 Come Back Quentin A True Hollywood Story; Shirts & Skins; The Tom Green Show: Da Brat; Scared Straight: Life in the Big House; Making the Video: Daphne Aguilera, "Naughty Baby Did a No-No" ORIG
6-Mar-2001 Episode 2 Season 1
Number 2 Andy Land Guest Star: Moby; Andy's Personal Assistant; The Tom Green Show: Da Brat; Fear; The Boogie Man ORIG
13-Mar-2001 Episode 3 Season 1
Number 3 Undressed Andy's Home Movies; Cribs: Daphne Aguilera; True Life: I'm Getting a Penile Enlargement; Humping Choreographer; Marylin Poppins; Andy Wants to Be a Waiter; Guest Star: Frankie Muniz RERUN
20-Mar-2001 Episode 4 Season 1
Number 4 Blind Date Guest: Ben Stiller; Midget Wrangler; Anus & Andy; MTV's Top 100 MTV's The Andy Dick Show Special Reunion Special's Countdown at MTV Music Television; MTV's Kids Say Things That Make You Say Darn!; Guest: Eddie Furlong; Andy's Stalker; First Date ORIG
27-Mar-2001 Episode 5 Season 1
Number 5 Kid Krist Guest: Mandy Moore; Cap'n Clean; The Full Story: The Tekstar 2300; Good Morning Minneapolis: Bjork; On the Job: Fudgepacker; The Andy Dick Gingivitis Special ORIG
3-Apr-2001 Episode 6 Season 1
Number 6   Kid Christ; Lyle Tillman's Guide to Free; On the Job: Endangered Species Ejaculation Facilitator; Behind the Scenes: Shirts & Skins; Mission Makeover; Frankenstein Auto Mart; Guest: Vitamin C; Bleeps, Bleeps and Blunders  
10-Apr-2001 Episode 7 Season 1
Number 7 Andy's Angels "The Best Of The Andy Dick Show Celebrating 6 Whole Episodes!"; Party Skit #1; Scared Straight; Party Skit #2; Shopping with Tom Green and Da Brat; Party Skit #3; Party Skit #4; Daphne Aguilera: Making The Video; Party Skit #5; Kid Khrist; Party Skit #6; FEAR; Party Skit #7 ORIG
5-Aug-2001 Episode 8 Season 2
Number 1 Pee-Bop Diary of Tyrese #1; Angels are Everywhere; Let's All Go To The Snackbar - The Movie; Diary of Tyrese #2; Frisqo - The Crotch Song; Peebop The Clown; Diary of Tyrese #3; Grocery Store DJ ORIG
12-Aug-2001 Episode 9 Season 2
Number 2 Standards and Practices Standards and Practices Skit #1; Zitty McGee - Faces Of The Future; Stop Third Hand Smoke; Standards and Practices Skit #2; Quentin O'Broom - Playing 'Andy Dick'; Shortcream Institute for Courageous Plastic Surgery; Standards and Practices Skit #3; Making The Commercial - Daphne Aguilera ORIG
19-Aug-2001 Episode 10 Season 2
Number 3 Lt. Bedwell's Yamchips Lt. Bedwell's Yamchips Skit #1; Lobesey the Lobeman; Congressional Jackass; Lt. Bedwell's Yamchips Skit #2; Kenny Drebsen - King of the burn; Andy's Angels; Lt. Bedwell's Yamchips Skit #3; Musical salute to MTV; Andyland ORIG
26-Aug-2001 Episode 11 Season 2
Number 4   Gotcha Good Skit #1; Girls View with Daphne Aguilera; Wake Up - The Caffiene Council; Gotcha Good Skit #2; Pip Villance - Cheerleader Support; War Bloopers, Bleeps, and Practical Jokes; Gotcha Good Skit #3; Andy's Mom; Blue Man Group; Sam's Big and Tall ORIG
2-Sep-2001 Episode 12 Season 2
Number 5 McKenzie Shima Kathy Griffin Skit #1; Watch the Andy Dick Show!; Lyle Tillman's Guide to Living in Los Angeles for free; Kathy Griffin Skit #2; McKenzie Shima; The Watermelon Who Doesn't Have Change For a Dollar; Kathy Griffin Skit #3; Stop Wedgies; Gypsy Moth Anderson; The show's running a bit long ORIG
9-Sep-2001 Episode 13 Season 2
Number 6 Harvery Kubrick Ashton Kutcher Skit #1--Ashton comes on the show and andy tries to make him take his cat (which is dead); Brewster; Andy's Sidekick; Andycam - Vampire on the couch; Ashton Kutcher Skit #2--Ashton and andy sit down for an interview and Andy again tries to make Ashton take his (dead) cat but Ashton leaves after throwing the cat at him; Garland Sumpdee - Home Video Director; Oh Manson!; Ashton Kutcher Skit #3--Andy talks about Ashton and has his dog with him (which is dead also); Harvery Kubrick - Pornographic Visionary; Andycam - Trampoline with Nuns ORIG
23-Sep-2001 Episode 14 Season 2
Number 7 Health Hurts Soba Noodles Skit #1; The Full Story with Grant Fishtruck - Teddy Steele; Dave Navarro; Soba Noodles Skit #2; Diary of Daphne Aguilera - MTV Video Awards; Andycam - Feeding the cat/Fighting with a bear; Soba Noodles Skit #3; Andycam - Brushing his teeth; Outtakes  
5-Apr-2002 Episode 15 Season 3
Number 1 Flipped Tenacious D Skit #1--Andy talks to Kyle about joing his own band; Sea Dicks---A comercial for a new kind of fish; Tenacious D Skit #2---Andy poses as Paul McCartney and tricks Kyle; Dismissed with Zitty McGee---Zitty Mcgee goes out with 2 ladies; Daisychain Across America; Tenacious D Skit #3---Andy and Kyle (Helacious A) perform; Flipped: Andy Dick/Tom Green----Andy Dick and Tom Green Flip lives  
12-Apr-2002 Episode 16 Season 3
Number 2 Reunited Daphne Aguilera Reunited Skit #1; On Campus - Piper the RA; Daphne Aguilera Reunited Skit #2; Master Your Crack; Dave Grohl's Party; Daphne Aguilera Reunited Skit #3; Peebop the Clown - Deathrow Clown  
19-Apr-2002 Episode 17 Season 3
Number 3 You Call Yourself a Fan - Linkin Park Fans Master P Skit #1; 10 Spot Dreamdate with Thom Yorke; Catchetelis; Master P Skit #2; You Call Yourself a Fan - Linkin Park fans; The Full Story with Grant Fishtruck - Andy Dick's Outdoor Ranch Camp; Master P Skit #3; Lyle Tillman's Government Guide to Free Sex; Writemade Pencils  
26-Apr-2002 Episode 18 Season 3
Number 4 The Gauntlet Luke Wilson Skit #1; Lil' Normy; Luke Wilson Skit #2; Ted Wondwossen - Teddybear Lover; Andy gets chased by teenage girls; Luke Wilson Skit #3; Spring Break - Angry Landlord; Simon from Space  
3-May-2002 Episode 19 Season 3
Number 5 My Dad Was an 80's Popstar Molly Sims Skit #1; Cocunut Monkey Bank; Molly Sims Skit #2; What Would Andy Dick Do? My Dad Was an 80's Popstar; Molly Sims Skit #3; 100% Sex-cess  
10-May-2002 Episode 20 Season 3
Number 6 The Garage Sale Yard sale with Nikka Kosta Skit #1; Celebrity Kin with Rob Zombie; Late Video Bounty Hunter; Yard sale with Nikka Kosta Skit #2; System for the Revolution and Such with Raj De La Fresca; Wayne 'Whitey' Whitman - Rock and Roll Pet Walker; Yard sale with Nikka Kosta Skit #3; New Teen Movie; Ice Cream Tattoo Artist  
  Episode 21 Season 3
Number 7   Restaurant Sketch with Kevin Richardson #1; Zitty McGee on Tough Enough; Restaurant Sketch with Kevin Richardson #2; Tuesdays with Anus; Andy Dick's: Is It My Turn Yet? Restaurant Sketch with Kevin Richardson #3; Andy's Guru