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You Can Bet on That
A podcast for the recreational gambler


1999 - 2000
20 Episodes

Here is the complete episode list for It's Like, You Know.... It includes original air dates, episode numbers, episode titles, and brief episode descriptions. (Please e-mail us if you find any errors!:

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ORIG 24-Mar-1999 Episode 1 Season 1
Number 1
Pilot ON A MISC TAPE. A cynical New York journalist moves to Los Angeles to do research for a book.
ORIG 31-Mar-1999 Episode 2 Season 1
Number 2
The Getaway Jennifer worries a televised car chase may preempt her career-reviving TV ad.
ORIG 7-Apr-1999 Episode 3 Season 1
Number 3
Memories of Me The memory of a love lost haunts Shrug; Arthur tries to impress a blind date.
ORIG 14-Apr-1999 Episode 4 Season 1
Number 4
The Client Arthur avoids a massage with Lauren; Shrug opens a detective agency.
  21-Apr-1999 Episode 5 Season 1
Number 5
Two Days in the Valley Arthur gets angry when a restaurant refuses to serve his burger medium-rare.
ORIG 28-Apr-1999 Episode 6 Season 1
Number 6
Author! Author! Arthur's publisher finds the women of tinseltown charming when he visits.
ORIG 5-May-1999 Episode 7 Season 1
Number 7
The Conversation Arthur covets Robbie's sex life; Jennifer stalks a critic who gave her a bad review.
  21-Sep-1999 Episode 8 Season 2
Number 1
Twins Lauren dates a Hollywood celebrity who's a Siamese twin; Jennifer alters her birth date in a government computer and almost loses her identity.
  28-Sep-1999 Episode 9 Season 2
Number 2
Enchanted April A producer makes a documentary chronicling the breakup of Robbie and his first true love.
  5-Oct-1999 Episode 10 Season 2
Number 3
The Long Goodbye A Hollywood producer steals Robbie's movie idea; Arthur is ambivalent about leaving Los Angeles.
  12-Oct-1999 Episode 11 Season 2
Number 4
Coast to Coast The mayor of Los Angeles uses Arthur's book to bolster his image.
  19-Oct-1999 Episode 12 Season 2
Number 5
Arthur 2: On the Rocks Shrug can't remember a romantic encounter; a Los Angeles paper offers Arthur a job; Jennifer and Carrie Fisher (playing herself) avoid calls from David Bowie.
  26-Oct-1999 Episode 13 Season 2
Number 6
Lost in America Jennifer and Lauren fight over their manicurist's vibrating chair; Arthur falls for his date's psychiatrist.
  2-Nov-1999 Episode 14 Season 2
Number 7
The Sweet Smell of Success Robbie's date obsesses over Val Kilmer; Shrug helps a friend open a nostalgic-scents bar; Lauren sees an apparition on a Hollywood billboard.
  8-Dec-1999 Episode 15 Season 2
Number 8
Hollywood Shuffle An insurance saleswoman makes advances on Arthur the first day of his new job; Robbie and Jennifer attend a baby-naming ceremony.
  15-Dec-1999 Episode 16 Season 2
Number 9
The Life of Brian A former college classmate becomes successful after stealing stories from Arthur's life.
  22-Dec-1999 Episode 17 Season 2
Number 10
Summer of '42 Arthur dates a presumably naive 21-year-old woman; Lauren dates Robbie's stockbroker.
  29-Dec-1999 Episode 18 Season 2
Number 11
The Apartment Jennifer is set to have her appendectomy televised; Shrug gets a beautiful nanny; a seedy cousin blackmails Arthur.
  5-Jan-2000 Episode 19 Season 2
Number 12
Heat Robbie and Shrug's friendship becomes strained after Robbie purchases his own house.
  UNAIRED Episode Season
Welcome to L.A. Robbie is reluctant to date a girl who lacks imperfections; Shrug insults Elliott Gould at Cathy's party.