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1989 - 1994
108 Episodes

Here is the Comedy Central episode list for The Kids in the Hall. It is not a complete list of the episodes as they originally aired on the Canadian Broadcast Corporation and/or Home Box Office and/or CBS; rather it is a list of the packaged reruns that appeared on Comedy Central. The Comedy Central episode numbers are included. Many episodes have been edited from their original form. (Please e-mail us if you find any errors!:

The first column of this table indicates the episodes of The Kids in the Hall we currently have in our archive. (All episodes were recorded in standard play on VHS tapes.) The entries for this column are defined as follows:
[blank] Episode not currently in archive
SYND Episode was recorded from a Comedy Central syndicated rerun.

These episodes are not for sale or trade. Why not?

SYND 101 Two Girls Call Each Other Simultaneously; The Eradicator; Ballet School; The Head Crusher Crushes Businessmen's Heads; Cause of Cancer; Man Wakes Up from the Pear Dream; Kathie & Mississippi Gary Talk about Their Relationship; Head Crusher continued
SYND 102 Thirty Helens Agree: Love hurts; A Comedy Premise: Man's Chest Colonized by Spain; Thirty Helens Agree: Honesty is the best policy; Cabbage Head on Date; Impromptu Tractor Formed with Children; The Guy Who Can't Help Sounding Sarcastic; Buddy's Bar: Buddy discusses the races; Thirty Helens Agree: You can't pay too much for a good pair of shoes; Guys Discuss How They Want to Be Women
SYND 103 Hired Gun Runs a Concession Stand; Slapstick Sketch about Guys Attacked by Gorilla; Ignore Them 1: Man harassed by guys on the street; Friends Have a Dispute about the Name of a Movie (Citizen Kane); Story of a Modern Hero Told by Guy in an Alley; Ignore Them 2: Family harassed by guys; Gordon Complains about Fran's Salty Ham; Ignore Them 3: Funeral goers harassed by guys
SYND 104 Guys Fighting in Alley, One Gets Déjà Vu; Rude Guy Ruins Some Friends' Evening Out; These Are the Daves I Know; Guy with the Good Attitude Toward Menstruation; Man Fighting with Wife Demands to Be Let into the House; Timmy Tries to Console his Mother & Father; Guy Who Is Sick of the Swiss; The Leisurely Country Doctor Comes to Save the Farmer
SYND 105 Man Screams about His Lost Drum; Head Crusher Outside a Club; Businessmen Negotiate Relationships; Family at Dinner Talks about Grandpa's Poo; "Are Extraterrestrials Dull?"; If Elvis Were My Landlord; Head Crusher Outside a Club cont.
SYND 106 Thirty Helens Agree: Tattoos aren't for everyone; Apathetic Burglar Robs Apathetic Homeowner; Running Faggot Song; Twenty-Nine Helens Agree: Promptness Is Important; Tense Businessmen Go to the Gym to Relax; The Story of a Truck Owner; Kid Brings Home a Stray Businessman
SYND 107 Hotel La Rut: Hotel where everyone's in a rut; Parachuters Wonder about the Odds; Hotel La Rut 2; Bobby, Angered by World, Writes First Poem; Not the real Fletcher Christian; Hotel La Rut 3; Nena from Joymakers Makes a Surprise Party at A.T. & Love
SYND 108 The Annoying Ping Pong Watcher's Commentary; Pre-Vacation Family Blowout; Ping Pong Watcher 2; Guy the Chain Gang Is Recognized in Restaurant; The "Nobody Likes Us" Guys Try to Get a Loan; Buddy's Bar: Dinosaurs; Ping Pong Watcher 3; White Girl Brings Home a Black Boyfriend to Meet Her Parents; "Nobody Likes Us" Guys cont.
SYND 109 Die in That House: Man explains how he's going to die in the house he was born in; Cathy & Kathie Gossip about Tanya the Temp; Die in That House 2; Preacher Discusses Preacher Characters; Weston Discusses the Stars; Die in That House 3; Father Tries to Put His Kid to Sleep with a Story
SYND 110 Salt Confiscator; Vaudeville Act with Bad Straight Man; The Drunk Brothers Come Over at 3 a.m.; Farmer with a Tail; Taking Things One Clinging, Jealous Step at a Time; "Nobody Likes Us" Guys Sing on a Bus; Vaudeville Act with Bad Straight Man Part 2; Three Guys Sit on Wall and Discuss the Moon
SYND 111 Dawn of the Dead; Attila the German Gay Lover; Thirty Helens Agree; Fire at Business Meeting; Gunfighter Once Shot a Man Just to Watch Him Die; The Lovers That Were like Romeo and Juliet; Thirty Helens Agree: Hawaii was better before; Barbershop: Clem Tells Stories
SYND 112 Kathie’s Odometer Turns Over; Billy Dreamer Talks to His Boss; A Discussion of Folk Music; Weston Esterhazy and Virgil Discuss Who's Gay in Hollywood; Billy Dreamer Dreams while Watching TV with Friends; The Legend of Skoura, the Gentle Shark
SYND 113 What's Happening in the Lonely City; Gerald and Gerald Network at a Business Party; Man Calls Out for Lopez Outside of a House; Man Gives a "Fat" Guy a Lift; Lopez continued; Man Criticizes Donut Shop Customers; Man Has to Call the Wife of a Man Who Was Killed by a Kamp; Lopez continued; Boy Has Decided to Become an Indian Woman; Lopez continued
SYND 114 Editors Discuss What to Cut; Stop the World -- We Broke Up: Song about Bobby's breakup; Editors continued; Story of a Man and His Father; The Guy with the Life-After-Death Experience; The Life of a Cat, with the Cat Jazz Band; Boring Teacher Has Affair During Class; Editors continued
SYND 115 Girls Discuss Cutest Boy on Death Row; The Faux Blues Man from Vermont; The Men Who Love All Women; Buddy Stranded on a Desert Island; Drunk Guy Pretends to Be a Cop; The Mechanic with the Beautiful Blonde Locks; A Babyless Couple Talks to Mother in the Park
SYND 116 Secretaries gossip about the new guy; 30 Helens; Unpopular Bass player
SYND 117 Boo!: The author of scary books; Leslie the Vampire Fag Has a Friend Over; Comedy Sketch with Just a Middle; I Don't Have Enough Money to Pay for This Cab: Head Crusher's Friend Comes Over; The Darcy Pennell Show: Ugly women's fashion
SYND 118 Love Me: Guy cooking steaks, guys runs up; Fran's Friend Barbara Explains to Her Son about Her Separation and New Hair Color; Premise Beach: People who shouldn't run for office; The Story of the Big Crouton; Pole-Vaulter Olympic Tragedy; Premise Beach: People with gift heads; Gay Entertainers; Girl Leaves Guy Because of Fly on His Face
SYND 119 Hey Baby: Guys in bar bark at women; Island-Native Brothers Discuss Manhood; Bobby and Teacher Discuss the Death of Rock; Pick-up Artist with Tarantulas; Guys Party Across the Country When Girlfriends Leave; Monique the Pyromaniac Is Fired
  120 Sketch comedy from this zany Canadian group
SYND 201 What a man likes about spring; Nena's husband makes a "pass" at his old friend's wife; Truck owner makes a phone call; Undercover alien overreacts to innocent questions; Best-Looking Man in the World -- Bim Bam Baby (abridged version); The story of the really bad doctor; Bobby has a guitar fight with Satan
SYND 202 Guys who trap businessmen for their suits; Cabbage Head tries to seduce women in a restaurant; Chris is fired; The loner ponders his gangrenous toe; Chris is fired after five minutes; Pit of Ultimate Darkness: Proof of Hecubus's evilness; Chris is fired in a police line-up; Buddy manages an all-girl softball team
SYND 203 News anchorman cracks up; Sizzler sisters' lounge act; Kathie dreams she wins Miss Canadian; Not allowed to smoke in the subway; Crying anchorman; A phone rings; Executive has cucumber salad on face; Phone rings incessantly; The Phone Show/Touch Paul Bellini
SYND 204 Nutty bunnies frolic in a field; Buddy talks about who's gay; Darryl has a blind date in a restaurant with a woman on the rebound; Police Department; Man with nagging wife and parrot; Police Department: Naked through the woods; Man at restaurant wanted his bill five minutes ago; Police Department: The officers see some escaped convicts
SYND 205 Bruce Is Charged in Court with Being an Asshole; Police Department: Standoff; Buddy in Prison: Buddy explains how he got put in prison; The Sizzlers Try to Rob a Bank; Police Department; Tthe Chicken Lady Gets a Date to Come to Her Apartment; Kevin Reports Hash Dealers to the Cops; Police Department: Locked keys in car; Man in Bed Discusses Life's Greatest Moments; Life's Greatest Moments Guy Pleads Not Guilty; Buddy in Prison: Buddy also pleads not guilty
SYND 206 A Reading of the New Novel; Animal Rights Commandos; Man Loses His Hair in a Restaurant; The Amicable Breakup Turns Nasty; Buddy Spots a Wood Nymph; Bad Anecdote Guy; Theo the Cool Teacher Confides to his Class
SYND 207 Lady Is a Tramp: Man tries to befriend a whore; Businessman in a Slump; The Guy Who Speaks English; Lady Is a Tramp: Man proposes to the lady; Gavin and the Chair-Painting Guy; Philanderer Sings a Song in a Western Bar; Lady Is a Tramp: 30 years later
SYND 208 Talentless Lounge Act; Birth of a Nation; I Got Fired Today; Police Department; The Man Whose Nose Bleeds At Will; Police Department: Officer talks to Tony Baldwin from Surf Cops; Money Momentum; Hang Ten You're Booked; Liposuction
SYND 209 Police Department: Bust the queen while drinking tea; Head Crusher in Physical Therapy; Police Department: Don't love my dad; Daddy Drank; Slave and Master on the Street; Police Department: Shelley Long; Passed Out Guy in Office; Slave and Master cont.; Gavin Pesters Mom While She's on Phone; Disillusioned Parents Hold a Press Conference; The Kids Discuss Beating Up Their Fathers
SYND 210 Guy Who Can Guess Everything but Weight; Nena's First Date with a Guy; The Message to the Old Math Teacher; Leslie the Vampire Fag Saves a Guy from Fag Bashers; Worker Who Keeps a List of His Office Enemies; The Scott Thompson Show by Scott Thompson; Man in Restaurant Who Can't Remember Who He Is; Men Whoring Their Maid Service; Cathy & Kathie Have a Get-Together and Feast on Cheesecake; Kevin Eats in the Shower
SYND 211 It's-a-Fact: Beethoven's Fifth; Message to Richard Nixon; Caffienated TV Tit-Watcher; Bruce Salutes America; Politician Jam-Taster; Girls Backstage Discuss the New Play; It's-a-Fact: The Queen; Arms in a Tank of Dead Fish; It's-a-Fact: The Queen
SYND 212 Police Department: bubble bath; Kevin Shows Us How He Sleeps; Woman Talks about Husband's Mistress; Stand in the New Style; On a Faraway Planet, Son Asks His Father about the Place They Call Vegas; Jesus the Bad Carpenter; Police Department: My Daughter, the Cop; Bladder Support Group
SYND 213 Police Department: Good Cop/Bad Cop; Guy Calls Phone Sex, Gets Chicken Lady; It's a Fact: Uncle Who Spits; Children's Novelist; Police Department: Best Thing about Being a Cop; Evan the Intense Shoe Salesman; "Faggot" - Is It the Letters?; It's a Fact: Bigfoot Singing; Mississipi Gary Is Heckled; It's a Fact: Neighbors in Love for 45 Years; The Kids Visit Bruce as He Recovers from Suicide Attempt
SYND 214 Man Coughs Up the Report in a Business Meeting; Pit of Ultimate Darkness: Hypnosis; Mr. Heavyfoot Runs a Marathon; Bruce Hates Jazz; Pit of Ultimate Darkness: Hypnosis; Touch Paul Bellini Winner Announcement; The Affair; Mr. Heavyfoot Test Drives a Car; The Kafuffle: Buddy and the Queen's Correspondence
SYND 215 Mr. Heavyfoot Kicks a Ball; The Kids Panic When They Find Out Scott's Not Gay Anymore; Melanie's Date; Doctor Who Likes Telling People They Have Cancer; Bruce Doesn't Want to Be Known as the Poo Guy; Mr. Heavyfoot Has a Date; Guy Who Wants to Get Beaten Up; Night of the Cow; Mr. Heavyfoot on the Moon
SYND 216 One of These Five Men Has Something Interesting to Say; The Cincinnati Kid Looks for the Toronto Kid; Career-Ending Moments in Show Business: Leslie de Gaulle Trio; Thirty-Second Stories: Ttory about Magnetic Joe; Woman Misinterprets an Innocent Request for the Time on Subway Platform; Thirty-Second Stories: Story of Some Kids and a Dad Going to the Zoo; Career-Ending Moments in Show Business: Woman Makes a Big Mistake When Accepting an Award; Businessman Likes to Relax with a Trip to the Farm When Things Get Hectic; Cathy Has a Scandalous Weekend When She Goes to a Bar
SYND 217 He's Gonna Give Away $1000; Police Department: Ticketing my car; Decorator Demon: Man gets a demon to brighten up his apartment; The Head Crusher Finds His Nemesis; Touch Paul Bellini Winner Meeting; Police Department: Grave of first traffic ticket; Governor with the Hooker; F-ing Good Ham; Decorator Demon 2
SYND 218 The Humanoids for Humanism Plan to Kill Cabbage Head; Businessmen Discuss Disturbing Chain Letter; Man Talks about Great Plunger Salesman; Cabbage Head Is Shot; It's a Fact; Impatient Guy in Line; Weston Esterhazy's Hollywood Spoon-Head Movie "Eliza's Party"; Cabbage Head Talks About His Religious Conversion While on a Talk Show
SYND 219 Man Embarrasses His Friend at a Bar; Everyone in the Office Is Exhausted; Thirty-Second Stories: Tess & Lars, Who Built Cars; The Guy Who Speaks English Meets a Guy Who Claims to Speak No English; Darryl Spends Time with His "Little Brother"; Thirty-Second Stories: The Office Party of Shame; Bad Sketch Is a Waste of Taxpayer Money; Thirty-Second Stories: The Stones Concert; Man in Record Store Thinks about Getting a Doors Album
SYND 220 Playing Charades; Gavin Prices Meat; Police Department; Who's to Blame for the Rain?; Police Department: Cloud Shapes; Two Destructive Guys Have a Tea Party with Their Lady Friend; Man Makes Inadvertent Inappropriate Comments at a Party; Police Department: Ex-Partner; Great Sex Phone Messages; Tube Top of Justice; Man in a Bar Tries to Explain a Francesca Fiore Movie
SYND 221 "Best Of" Episode. It's a Fact: Uncle Who Spits; The Head Crusher Finds His Nemesis; Best-Looking Man in the World -- Bim Bam Baby; Daddy Drank; It's-a-Fact: The Queen; Bad Doctor; Executive Has Cucumber Salad on Face; It's a Fact: Neighbors in Love for 45 Years; Buddy's Bar: Sappho Sluggers (Baseball Team)
SYND 222 Police Department: Locked Deys in Car; Nena's Husband Makes a "Pass" at His Old Friend's Wife; Business-Suit Trappers; Gavin and the Chair-Painting Guy; Police Department: Standoff; Chicken Lady's Date; Pit of Ultimate Darkness: Proof of Hecubus's evilness; Police Department: Don't love my dad; Kevin Eats in the Shower
SYND 301 Stewardesses Ask Diner Patrons If Anyone Can Fly a Plane; New Development in the Sauna; Bigot Cabbie Blames "Certain People" When Blue Jays Lose; Chicken Lady at Strip Show; Psycho Cabbie Shoots Other Cars; Police Department: Withstanding Blatant Abuse; Two Farmers Discuss Celebrities; Office Worker Has Pen Taken; Police Department: Discussing Movie over Dead Body
SYND 302 Guy Coming Out of House Repeatedly Called "Fag"; Brian Pretends to be Sleepwalking; Guy Tries to Train His Useless Dog; Couple Sits in Relationship Section of Restaurant; Painting with Darryl; More Brian Sleepwalking; Girl Drink Drunk
SYND 303 Street Worker Asleep on the Job; Bruce Wonders How Tall He Is; Father Stunned Because Wife Left Him "A Whole Lotta Milk-a"; Somedy Writer Wants a Raise; Money Momentum Guys Sell Gimmel-100 Organs; Comedy Writer Wants a Raise; Buddy Discovers Tammy
SYND 304 Obnoxious Golf Guy; Guy Tries to Explain Away His Affair; Flying Pig 1; Canada Abandons Monarchy; Flying Pig 2; The Movie Awards Show; Flying Pig 3/Police Department; Ax Murderer Tries to Borrow an Ax; Flying Pig 4
SYND 305 "I'd like to begin the presentation, but first…"; Tanya the Temp Leaves; Open Letter to Wheel Stealer; Man Has Conflict with Mouse; Open Letter to Wheel Stealer Watchers; Guy Lies on the Stand to Get Away with Murder; Scott Wonders Whether He Should Buy Beer for Some Kids
SYND 306 Police Department: Dead body; Accent Teacher; Making Potato Salad; Don't Blame the Clown; Drag Queens Take Over; Police Department: Dead body continued; The Phantom of the Warehouse; Police Department: Dead body continued
SYND 307 Live with Mom or Dad?; Pit of Ultimate Darkness: On a date; The Guy Who Thinks He Looks like Bruce; Crazy Guy in Waiting Room; Why Did They Have to Take the Word "Gay"?; Brothers Are Told Their Dad Died and They Quibble over Change; Danny Husk Reads the Paper to Discover That He Has Been Kidnapped
SYND 308 That's Right, Einstein; Big Gut Guys; Wedding Reception 1; The Terrier Song; Wedding Reception 2; The "Ascertain" Guy; Wedding Reception 3; Darryl the Waiter
  309 Old Lady Falls Down, Man Takes Her Oranges; Dave Draws a Person He Has Never Seen, Based Only on the Sound of His Voice; Gavin Falls in Love with His Baby Sitter; Mr. Heavyfoot Puts on His Pants; Buddy's Bar: Buddy Discusses His Time in Paris; The Street Singers Sing on the Street; Mr. Heavyfoot Hates the Movie; The Street Singers in Their Home
SYND 310 It's a Fact: You can get blood from a stone; Man Brings Girlfriend to See a Dead Body in a Field; Scott's Double Starts Misbehaving; Gerald and Gerald Talk on the Phone; Guy Complains about Minimum Wage; Scott's Double continued; Man Bargains in a Stereo Store; It's a Fact: Uncle Lost His Job and Acts Weird; The Stupid Ship Captain; The "It's a Fact" Girl Bargains for More Money
SYND 311 Guy Follows Signs to Find Girls; a Woman's Repeated Failed Attempts at Marriage; He's 45: Hip guy talks to his son; Raj and Christine Discuss the Strange Day; He's 45: Hip guy and his family; Trial of the Man Who Accused Himself of Sexual Harassment; He's 45: Hip guy's open relationship; Sid Won't Stay Down When Losing a Fight
SYND 312 Police Department Other Careers: Opera singer and security guard; Man Chokes on a Chicken Kabob; Man Pretends to Be Ed McMahon; Police Department: Shift's over; Buddy's Bar: Buddy talks about AIDS; Mr. Tisane Orders Some Tea; Police Department: Asleep on the car; Tammy Meets the Queen at a Pickle Factory
SYND 313 History of Boxing; Pizza Shop Guys Lust after Schoolgirls; On the Subject of Me; Sid Wonders If He Is Too Small to Love; On the Subject of Me; The Agents Try to Get an Actor a Gig; On the Subject of Me; Bald Wig Salesman Has a Horrible Secret
SYND 314 Emperor of Japan Poem; Gavin's Mother's Funeral; Emperor of Japan Poem; The "Will Do" Guy Borrows a Videotape from Lex; Bruce on How to Break Into Show Business; Appendix Scar of Hate; Emperor of Japan Poem; Scott Thompson's Perfect Man
SYND 315 Police Department: Abandoned potato; Captain Wonderful, Arms Longfellow, and Winged Avenger at Their Hideout; Man Debates Whether to Call a Potential Girlfriend; Police Department; Scott Explains What Gay Boys Wear When Home Alone; Party with Businessman That Stares Unnervingly but Has Ulterior Motives; Man and New Girlfriend Have Sex; Exhibition Shirling
SYND 316 Celebrities Scott Thompson Looks Like; Jerry Sizzler Visits His Now-Cured Sister; It's a Fact: Importance of cleaning ears; Mississippi Gary's Song about His After-Death Experience; Garbage Man Fan; It's a Fact; Bower Goes Searching for Pot
SYND 317 Flying Pig Reminiscing; Dog Show Organizers Wonder about a Misprint; The Darcy Pennell Show: Francesca Fiore; The Son of Flying Pig Shows Up; Tyrone Bibbens Writes Thank You Letters because He'll Be Dead Soon; Tanya Annoys People at a Party; Son of Flying Pig Continued; Tanya the Day after the Party
SYND 318 Dramatic Conclusion of Old Yeller; Boss Confronts Danny Husk about Being a Porn Star; Man Confronts Noisy People in Restaurant, Runs through Alternate Versions of Reality in His Mind; Buddy Talks about Drugs; Old Yeller continued; Rod Torfulsen Tries to Convince Band to Change Its Name; Mother Reveals Truth to Daughter about Her Horsey/Old Yeller continued
SYND 319 Man Wonders about the Look His Wife Gives Him; Pit of Ultimate Darkness: Hecubus is fired for drinking too much; Father & Son Thieves; Darryl Has a Date Over and Tells Her about His Mother; Pit of Ultimate Darkness: Hecubus fired continued; Absent-Minded Customer/Scott Thompson's 100th Waiter Sketch
SYND 320 On the Subject of Me: Spleen; Bearded Lady Marries; Arrogant Executive; Bruce's Regrets at the End of the Kids in the Hall Season; Horny Patient; On the Subject of Me: Caesarean birth; Spy Models, a Film with Francesca Fiore and Bruno Puntz Jones
SYND 321 Guy Follows "Girls! Girls! Girls!" Signs, Finds Head Crusher; A Woman's Repeated Failed Marriages; Bigot Cabbie Blames "Certain People" When Blue Jays Lose; New Development in the Sauna; It's a Fact: You can get blood from a stone; Cabbie Shoots at Other Cars; Raj and Christine at Thrift Shop Discuss the Strange Day; My Pen!; “It’s a Fact” Girl Bargains for More Money
SYND 322 Police Department: Withstanding Some Blatant Abuse; Chicken Lady at Strip Show; Old Lady Falls Down, Man Takes Her Oranges; The "Will Do" Guy Borrows a Videotape from Lex; Queen Tries to Win Back Canada; Police Department: Asleep on the Car; Sid Won't Stay Down When Losing a Fight
SYND 401 Cameraman Ted Riley Memorial; Man Has a Loveless Relationship with His Dog; Whores; Pitiful Mechanic; Man Wakes Up with a Giant Spider on His Face; Whores; Whores; The Hyper Businessman Has Heart Problems; Cabbie Delivers Rush-Hour Baby
SYND 402 Street Fight: Parents watching; Cathy and Kathie Gossip about the New Girl; Street Fight: Confusion; Darryl Explains That He Sees an Oompah Band in His Head; Street Fight: Unfair fight; Buddy Explores Virtual Reality; Cyril St. John the Escapist; Is It a Bear or a Deer?
SYND 403 Commercial for Fiore Parfums; Whores: "Are you holding out on me?"; Woman who has sexual fantasies reveals it to her boyfriend; Man is turning his assistant into a rat; Whores: Turning tricks for asthma medication; Phil pesters a man in a shoe store; Whores: John Wayne imitation; Dean "The Will-Do Guy" in prison
SYND 404 The governor calls a wrong number at a crucial moment; Spot Bellini Contest; The Fight Pickers take on a biker and his goldfish; Pit of Ultimate Darkness: Hecubus and his multiple personalities; The Fight Pickers take on two guys in suits; Bruce talks about various sad peoples; A man's contact lenses keep bothering him; Kyle is surprised to find Bauer making himself at home, and Bellini appears
SYND 405 Weatherman is Not God; A Seriously Injured Patient Takes Time Out for a Few Gags; A Man Responds to Scott's Personal Ad; Out of Body Experience at Thanksgiving Dinner; Sex Girl Patrol; A Man Tells His Wife He Has Amnesia and a Fear of Death
SYND 406 Guy's Singing Bothers Friend; Kathie is Blue Jays Booster; The Losers: Beer bottle toss into kitchen sink; Ax Murderer Needs Blade Sharpened During Murder; Fran Learns about Salsa, Peanut Sauce and Meals in a Pill; The Losers: Ball bounce into bathtub; Two People Are Forcibly Introduced to Each Other; Married Man Dreams of Affair with Maid; The Losers: Fire in apartment
SYND 407 Man baits another man with sarcasm at a party; Chicken Lady visits the house she grew up in; He's 45: Cool guy fires assistant; Doctor confuses Banning/Manning/Fanning; Guy tries to accomplish his list of seven things to do; He's 45: Cool guy looks for a new employee; He's 45: Cool guy hires a new employee; Fran comforts Judy the new widow
SYND 408 Whores: "I meant to say yes!"; Gavin is visited by door-to-door religious missionaries; Car is stalled -- "Try it now."; The men who have been dull since their heart attacks; Whores: Nervous guy and the sock puppet; Kevin's family and "Airport" movie series; Man is stunned to discover fellow businessmen can read his "thoughts"; The awkward family Thankgiving dinner with the brother at home
SYND 409 Chalet 2000 - A special 1/2 hour Buddy Cole episode
SYND 410 Michael the Incompetent Receptionist; Pit of Ultimate Darkness: Employee-employer exchange; Police Department: Grilling the gullible rookie; Old Women Taken Advantage of by Psychics; Police Department: More of the gullible rookie; Couple Tries to Make Their Answering Machine Message; Police Department: Rookie and the Dead Body; Francesca Fiore Is Put on Trial
SYND 411 Man describes what a best friend is; Anal-probing aliens question their work; Man tries to get his old job back; Whores: Discussing plastic surgery; Rod Torfulsen's Armada: Discussing throwing out the guitarist; Do Re Mi Song; An apology to the guy Dave clotheslined; Whores: Five-second trick; Parents find their son's pot
SYND 412 Lucky Lobster; There's a Fine Line Between 1; Sudelmans: The Sudelmans negotiate; Ted's Church of the Very Bright Light; There's a Fine Line Between 2; In the Old Days/Buddy's Bar; Lackluster Incompetent Cop; Warrior-Within Weekend
SYND 413 Police Department: Sound a fridge makes; Sid threatens the pizza shop employee; Police Department; Businessman thinks he will be revealed a fraud; Whores: "Shut up!"; Mark reads his fan mail and reveals the secret of nudity; Police Department: Vacation pix; Tarzan in the business world; Detective Peter Prince: The Kitty Case
SYND 414 Inexperienced Cannibal on Trial; Santa Claus Visits Childless Couple; Spot Bellini Contest Winner; Man Who Got Wrong Number Demands to Know What Happened to Frank; Tammy Shows Off Her New Video; Man Borrows Another Man's Art to Show His Girlfriend
SYND 415 Guy Flirts with Another Man's Wife in Front of Him; Awkward Talk with Father in the Hospital; Police Department: Got a puck; The Heroin Junkie on a Date; The Scared Airline Pilot; Police Department: Preparing for undercover work; Melanie Goes Rollerblading; Love in a Sausage Factory
SYND 418 Whores: "Are you a transvestite?"; Darryl gushes about Mozart; Whores: TV's Alice; Man decides to be a fireman; Buddy remembers a dead friend; Man talks on phone with Steven the stupid drunk; Whores: Rudy drives a cab; Kevin debates whether or not to use his fame
SYND 419 Bike Courier Working on Two Hours Sleep; Man talks to a white Philipino shoe-shine boy; Sid & Sharisse fight outside an opera house; Architect demands an atrium; Drunk Chick from Winnepeg; Art class rebels against politically incorrect art professor; He's Just a Hopeless Romantic; Bob acts as sexual surrogate for a couple
SYND 420 The bigot cabbie hassles a "Chinaman"; The Money Momentum Guys sell videos in a hospital; Police Department: Suspicious Guy in the Neighborhood; Whores: The whores help Rudy study for his high school diploma; Woman makes an idiotic attempt at an affair; One man's pickle nightmare; Christine and Raj try sitting at a different table
PURE 421 Commercial for Fiore Parfums; Guy tries to accomplish his list of seven things to do; The cheap cheezy art collection; Man has a loveless relatioship with his dog; The story of Cyril St. John the escapist; Steps: Discussing gay marriage
SYND 422 The inexperienced cannibal's trial; Car is stalled -- "Try it now."; Do Re Mi song; Anal-probing aliens question their work; Whores; Couple tries to make their answering machine message; Chicken Lady visits the house she grew up in
SYND 501 Idiot Boy causes problems at work; Police Department: Did you kill that guy?; Woman with eating disorder discusses weight problems; Police Department: Did you kill that guy?; Bizarre foreign-language game show Feelyat! (& news bulletin); Fran tells how Brian was arrested; Police Department: Did you kill that guy?; Man's beard takes over his life
SYND 502 Police Department: "Conclusion" of "Did you kill that guy?"; Old Man Ssks Neighbor to Turn Over His Wife; Fast Food Crew Chief/Chosen One Thinks; The Story of a Man's and Woman's Chance Meeting; Police Department: Did you kill that guy?; Man Makes Documentary of Being Fired from Work; Police Department: Did you kill that guy?; Man Encounters a "Grizzly Bear" while Hunting for Chicks; Police Department: Real "conclusion" of "Did you kill that guy?"
SYND 503 Whores: Drumming up business; Meet Your New Male Slave; Someone Doesn't Like You; Whores: Rap music; Por-eef; The Tattoo; The Hit
SYND 504 God is Dead; New Boots; Accelerated-Time Breakup; Whores: New price list; Buddy's Bar: Montreal; Whores: Johns who can't pay; Dipping Areas
SYND 505 Steps: Gay Pride 1; Stump Hand Waiter; Butt Freak Film Buff; Gavin at the Police Department; Steps: Gay Pride 2; Guy Who Consoles People in Hospital; Steps: Gay Pride 3; Evan the Stereo Salesman
SYND 506 Fight-Picking Guy: This close; Weston & Virgil in 1972; Mail Clerk Gets Promoted and Goes Power-Mad; Experienced Cop Gets Sick about Lawbreakers; Laundromat Business Opportunities; Fight-Picking Guy: Up your craw; Post-Apocalypse Poet Smokes Pot and Writes Songs;Fight-Picking Guy: Hey!; Coal Shoveler Questions Life
SYND 507 Guy Acts Slow to Make Friend Leave; Ex-Girlfriend Relocation; Whores: Looking for a hooker with a heart of gold; Bruce Monologue about Love; Breast-Obsessed Businessman; Whores: "Want a date?" joke backfires; Naive Duck Hunting; Whores; Why Kevin Is Popular Only in France
SYND 508 555-SLUT: Gross guy's phone sex ad; Chicken Lady Masturbates at the Mall; Bruce Monologue about Old People; Man Wants to Get Revenge against Office Joker; 555-SLUT 2; Exercise Class Teachers Have a Fight; 555-SLUT 3; Man's Companion Snorts Coke at Dinner
  509 Loud American Shopping; "Great Ideas";"At the Movies"
SYND 510 Residents Must Lick the Town Clean; The Agents Order Drinks after Last Call; The Lovers Talk about Their Love; Man in Line Complains about a Yakky Kid; Comparison of Dave and an Elk; Gay Pair Discusses One Guy's Hump; The Lovers Talk about Their Love; Man Who Participates in Competitive Bathtub-Soaking.
SYND 511 Man Complains about Being a Test-Tube Baby; Kathie Sleeps with Dry Cleaner; Whores: First timer; Starving Street Singers; Man Talks about the Communist Threat; Whores: Maudre pretends to be Rudy's wife; Man Wants Girlfriends with Various Jobs
SYND 512 Death Threat Caller Mis-dials; Christine and Raj Argue about Apartment; Armada Sound Check; Shoeshine Boy Talks about His Hands; Old Man Keeps Violent Monkeys in Closed Room; Kevin Explains to Leaving Girlfriend That He's Sexy; Armada; Danny Husk's Sweat Has Positive Effects
SYND 513 Man Talks to His Clothes; Sid & Sharisse Get Married; Whores: Film producer; Office Workers Discuss "Gross" Things; Whores: High heels and old boyfriends; Scott Has a Vision after Reading a List of Men Who Died of AIDS; Old Man Asks Women to Dance in Their Underwear
SYND 514 Police Department: Madness in L.A.; Man's Ear Starts Bleeding at Dinner; Man Complains about "Bikini Inspector" T-shirts; Buddy Conducts a Marriage Ceremony; This Scene Was Written in Haste…; Tucker Is Followed by a Car after Setting Off Its Alarm
SYND 515 Cyclops at a Party; A Convenience Store Clerk Has His Performance Reviewed by Executives; A Hillbilly Has Some Problems after His Cow Kicks Him in the Head; Bruce's Monologue about a Cruise with Fabio; Two Old Friends Get Reacquainted; Fran Feels Out of Sorts
SYND 516 Wrote the Report Naked; Korean War Vet Doesn't Want to Lose His Cable; Woman's Gazebo Disappears; A Monologue from Scott on a Dream He Had; Darryl Participates in an Experiment
SYND 517 Man with Submarine for an Office; Steps: Butch calls 555-JERK; "Living Proof" Press Conference (Band dies in a bus crash); Man with a Bizarre Job Gets the Big Bucks
SYND 518 Capture of a Serial Killer; A.T. & Love Boss Has a Problem; The Perfect Couple Practices Being Perfect; Steps: AIDS; Bye Stan: Guy wishes everyone a good weekend; Aliens Celebrate Bellini Day
SYND 519 Voiceover Guy Corrects Francesca's Grammar; Sperm Bank: The humanoids rob a sperm bank; The Queen at Tea; Sperm Bank continued; Man of Destiny; Sperm Bank continued; Heart Channel Pledge Drive; Sperm Bank continued
SYND 520 Armada Sound Check; Man Has Problems with His "44" Noisy Roommates; Encyclopedia Salesman Tries His Pitch on a Strange Guy; Junk Mail Saved My Life; Armada: "We should fight more often"; Liquidation Sale; Husband and Wife Read "Memoirs" by Pierre Trudeau and Reminesce; Journey to the Top of the Stairs
SYND 521 Final Episode. End of the Beginning; Armada Grows Old; The Sixth Kid: Jeff Berman tribute; Buddy Closes the Bar; Recap of “Censored Episodes”; A.T. & Love Buyout; The Boys Are Buried and Bellini Speaks!
SYND 522 God is Dead; Chicken Lady at the Mall; A Hillbilly Has Some Problems after His Cow Kicks Him in the Head; A Convenience Store Clerk Has His Performance Reviewed by Executives; Meet Your New Male Slave; Old Man Asks Neighbor to Turn Over His Wife