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The following is a list of miscellaneous shows we have in our archive. It includes the show title, the episode title, and brief episode descriptions. (Please e-mail us if you find any errors!:

Most episodes were recorded in standard play on VHS tapes.

These episodes are not for sale or trade. Why not?

ABBOTT & COSTELLO In Society Bud and Lou impersonate noblemen at a blue-blood bash.
ACTION Pilot Venomous filmmaker Peter Dragon connives his way through contemporary Hollywood with hi chauffeur by his side.
ADAM Pilot  
THE ADVENTURES OF OZZIE AND HARRIET The Insurance Policy Harriet loses a prized pin that Ozzie gave her.
ALF We're So Sorry, Uncle Albert ALF fears he may have scared Willie's uncle to death.
ALICE Bye Bye Birdie Mel's yell makes Vera's perrot drop dead.
ALIENS IN THE FAMILY Respect Your Elders Elders from Bobut's galaxy visit the Brodys.
ALL IS FORGIVEN Past Perfect Paula reunites Nicolette and her first love.
ALMOST PERFECT Being Fired Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry Kim (Nancy Travis) fires an employee and gets her out of the office, then takes the woman (Jenna Elfman) into her home. With Kevin Kilner.
ALRIGHT ALREADY Again with the Baby A woman (Carol Leifer) deals with love, work and family. (Premiere)
AMERICAN DREAMER Guys Just Wanna Have Fun Tom organizes an all-male discussion group.
AMERICAN PIE The Spousal Credit Card Pat uses a credit card he received in the mail and ruins Matt's credit.
THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW Opie's Charity Andy judges Opie before hearing the boy's story.
THE ARMY SHOW Pilot A lazy new private (John Sencio) deals with a tough lieutenant (Craig Anton).
THE ART OF BEING NICK Pilot Nick moves in with his divorced sister and her son.
ASK HARRIET Pilot A sportswriter (Anthony Tyler Quinn) poses as female to do advice columns.
BABY BLUES Bizzy Moves In  
BACHELOR FATHER Uncle Bentley Keeps His Promise Kelly finds herself in a jam when she is railroaded into producing a teen idol for her party. Therefore, she must enlist her uncle to help her.
THE BAD NEWS BEARS Here Comes the Coach A former baseball player (Jack Warden) must coach youngsters. (Premiere)
BAREFOOT IN THE PARK The Bed A bargain bed collapses.
BARNEY MILLER Riot Luger starts a riot with his tactless remarks while trying to calm a militant Hasidic group.
BATTERY PARK Pilot Police detectives solve crimes in New York's Battery Park. This episode: A shooting may ruin Capt. Dunleavy's (Elizabeth Perkins) mayoral chances.
BECKER Pilot Dedicated Dr. John Becker (Ted Danson) has a heart of gold and an opinion on everything.
BETTE Pilot Bette Midler takes a few swipes at herself. This episode: Bette pulls out all the stops to put the spark back in her marriage. With Joanna Gleason, Kevin Dunn, James Dreyfus and Marina Malota. Guest star: Danny DeVito.
BETWEEN BROTHERS In Case of Emergency Two dissimilar brothers and their friends clash over everyday issues. (Premiere)
BLOSSOM Let's Talk about Sex Blossom fears she and Vinnie are drifting apart.
BOY MEETS WORLD Truth and Consequences  
THE BRIAN BENBEN SHOW Pilot A seasoned anchorman (Brian Benben) is ditched for a "blow-dry" news team (Charles Esten, Lisa Thornhill).
BROTHERLY LOVE Pilot A young man (Joey Lawrence) looks up his widowed step-mother and two half brothers; with Matthew and Andy Lawrence; Melinda Culea; Mike McShane.
BRUTALLY NORMAL You Get What You Get Teen-age friends Russell, Robert, Anna and Dru explore the vagaries of life. (Premiere)
BUILT TO LAST Pilot An Ivy Leaguer must help run his family's construction firm in Washington, D.C.
THE BURKITTSVILLE 7   Investigating Blair Witch lore, including the belief its spirit possessed a hermit suspected to have murdered seven children in Burkittsville, Md.
CAROLINE IN THE CITY Caroline and the Novelist Caroline's date with a novelist turns into a disaster.
CELEBRITY DEATHMATCH   Bruce Willis and Demi Moore vs. Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman; Puff Daddy vs. Trent Reznor; David Hasselhoff vs. John Tesh.
CHAMPS Pilot  
CHARLES IN CHARGE Berkling Up Is Hard to Do Charles' advice causes misunderstandings.
CHICAGO SONS Beauty and the Butt Billy tries to divert his latest boss's romantic interest to Mike.
CHICO AND THE MAN Matchmaker, Matchmaker When Ed finds out that his meeting with his new girlfriend was set up by Della, he breaks off the relationship.
CLERKS Episode Four The life and times of four store clerks. This episode: Dante and Randal (Brian O'Halloran, Jeff Anderson) switch jobs for a day, which results in a lawsuit. (Premiere)
THE CLOSER The Pilot A legendary adman (Tom Selleck) finds it increasingly difficult to maintain a facade; with Edward Asner.
CLUELESS We Shall Overpack Cher (Rachel Blanchard) organizes a student protest when backpacks are banned.
COACH It's a Swamp Thing Hayden, Luther, Dauber and Howard decide to celebrate "Man Week" in the Florida Everglades, so Doris, Christine and Shirley decide to take a vacation of their own.
CONRAD BLOOM The Fixer Molly delivers Jerry Mathers to Conrad for a campaign for Jerry's Chips.
COSBY The Best Little Antique Shop in Astoria Hilton's (Bill Cosby) antique-store job is part of a sting operation.
THE COSBY SHOW Denise's Friend Denise's friend seeks medical advice from Cliff.
COSTELLO Pilot Newly unattached Sue Murphy moves back to her parents' and enrolls in college.
CURSE OF THE BLAIR WITCH   Three film students disappear while investigating the legend of the Blair Witch.
CURSED Pilot An ad executive (Steven Weber) is plagued by a strange curse after a blind date goes awry.
CYBILL The Wedding A stressful weekend apart has Cybill and Maryann at wits' end.
DADDIO Grapefruits of Wrath A man (Michael Chiklis) adjusts to his new role as stay-at-home father. This episode: Chris and his daughter learn communication. (Premiere)
DAG Pilot A Secret Service agent (David Alan Grier) is demoted to the job of protecting the first family. This episode: The first lady (Delta Burke) is humiliated by her husband (guest star David Rasche).
DAMON Pilot A clever undercover cop deals with his cloddish brother and colorful co-workers.
DAVE'S WORLD The Creeping Peril The Barrys hole up with Shel when a sinkhole threatens their home.
DEAR JOHN Matthew and the Baby John tries to get Matthew to talk about the coming of the baby.
DELTA HOUSE Parents' Day  
DENNIS THE MENACE Aunt Emma Visits the Wilsons Wilson's wealthy aunt favors Dennis.
DESIGNING WOMEN The Slumber Party The Sugarbakers agree to chaperon the slumber party of Mary Jo's daughter.
DHARMA & GREG Pilot A free spirit (Jenna Elfman) raised by hippies marries a blue blood (Thomas Gibson).
DIFFERENT WOLD, A Speech Therapy Maggie encourages Jaleesa in public speaking.
DILBERT The Takeover Dilbert and Wally buy enough company stock to become majority shareholders.
DiRESTA Pilot Manhattan subway cop (John DiResta) resides in the suburbs with his family.
THE DREW CAREY SHOW Science Names Suck Kate (Christa Miller) invites Drew's idol to attend his birthday party; guest Dave Winfield.
DUET One Man Out Ben cannot oust inadequate Richard from a softball team.
DUSTY'S TRAIL Danger Stranger  
EASY STREET Premiere Episode A showgirl heiress asks her uncle to share her home.
ELLEN Bowl, Baby, Bowl Ellen goes bowling with her boss (Bruce Campbell).
EMERGENCY! Grateful The extreme gratitude of a rescued couple (Ruth Buzzi, Dick Van Patten) interferes with the paramedics' routine; guest Royal Dano.
EMPTY NEST Mrs. Clinton Comes to Town Reporter Carol plots to meet the first lady when she visits the clinic.
ENCORE! ENCORE! Pilot A fading opera star (Nathan Lane) returns to his family's winery.
EVERYTHING'S RELATIVE Where the Son Doesn't Shine A comedy writer's (Kevin Rahm) neurotic family plagues him; with Jeffrey Tambor, Jill Clayburgh. (Premiere)
THE EVIL TOUCH The Obituary A reporter castigates a pilot involved in a crash.
F TROOP Johnny Eagle Eye  
THE FACULTY Opportunity Knockers Shelly (Constance Shulman) considers breast-enhancement surgery.
FAMILY AFFAIR Take Two Aspirin Garbled communications worry Bill.
FAMILY GUY Death Has a Shadow Peter gets drunk, setting off a series of events which end at the Super Bowl.
FAMILY MATTERS Pound Foolish Steve tries to help his Aunt Oona (Donna Summer) shed a few extra pounds.
FAMILY RULES Ann's Big Night Single father (Greg Evigan) handles the pressure of raising four teen-age daughters. (Premiere)
FANTASY ISLAND Wishboned A woman wants her family to be perfect for her fiance when she brings him home for the holidays; Ariel plays the genie in the lamp.
FERRIS BUELLER Scenes from a Grandma  
THE FIGHTING FITZGERALDS Pilot Three grown sons (Justin Louis, Christopher Moynihan, Jon Patrick Walker) down on their luck return to the home of their exasperated father (Brian Dennehy).
FIRED UP Who's the Boss? Gwen poses as Terry's secretary to impress a business prospect (Kelsey Grammer).
THE FIVE MRS. BUCHANANS Pilot Four women (Judith Ivey, Beth Broderick, Harriet Sansom Harris, Charlotte Ross) marry the sons of a crusty matriarch (Eileen Heckart).
THE FLIP WILSON SHOW   Art Carney; Barbara Feldon; Modern Jazz Quartet.
FLO The Miracle of Case de Huevos  
FOR YOUR LOVE Pilot Family and friendship link three suburban couples, each at a different stage of love.
FRANK'S PLACE The Bridge After a patron dies, his family sues the restaurant.
THE FRESH PRINCE OF BEL-AIR I, Stank Horse A favored horse is in danger when Will takes his cousins to the racetrack.
FULL HOUSE Wrong Way Tanner Michelle scores the winning goal for the opposing soccer team.
GARY & MIKE Dawn of the New Millennium An animated duo takes a wild road trip across the United States, wreaking havoc at every stop. This episode: the guys embark in their Bel Air. Voices of Christopher Moynihan and Harland Williams.
THE GEENA DAVIS SHOW Pilot A woman falls in love with a widower who has two children. This episode: Teddie learns the difficulty of sudden motherhood.
THE GEORGE CARLIN SHOW George Speaks His Mind Taxi driver, George O'Grady, exercises his freedom of speech in this episode. George has a bad day when he runs into his ex-wife (Mimi Kennedy) and her new husband (James Warwick). He insults them with profanity and kicks them out of his cab. His temper continues to flare after another taxi driver runs him off the road (with passenger in tow). He yells profanity at the opposing driver and is reprimanded by his fare, who happens to be from the NYC Taxi Commission. George is brought up on charges of lack of courteousness for his customer and must appear at a hearing that will determine if his taxi license will be suspended. During the hearing, the inspector gets so angry with George's explanation for using profanity that he in turn verbally assaults George, ironically using the exact profanity that George has been defending. The case is closed.
GETTING BY The Suit (Premiere)
GETTING PERSONAL When Co-Workers Attack A disastrous blind date haunts Milo when the woman turns out to be his new boss. (Premiere)
GIRLFRIENDS One Night Stand Foregoing celibacy for a night of passion, Joan (Tracee Ellis Ross) unknowingly sets her sights on an engaged man, causing a breakup. With Golden Brooks, Jill Marie Jones, Persia White and Reggie Hayes.
GOD, THE DEVIL, AND BOB In the Beginning Auto worker Bob Alman (voice of French Stewart) is chosen by God and the devil (voices of James Garner and Alan Cumming) to prove mankind's worth. This episode: Bob faces a family crisis. (Premiere)
THE GOLDEN GIRLS Girls Just Wanna Have Fun… Before They Die Sophia tries to seduce a man (Cesar Romero).
GOMER PYLE, U.S.M.C Caution: Low Overhead Sgt. Carter sets out to expose a fraud.
GOOD NEWS Pilot A fledgling pastor (David P. Ramsey) leads a reluctant congregation.
GOOD TIMES Write On, Thelma Thelma is ecstatic when her first play is chosen for production until she discovers the "catch."
GOODE BEHAVIOR Freed Willie A paroled con artist (Sherman Hemsley) moves in with his white-collar son (Dorien Wilson) and family. (Premiere)
THE GOODTIME GIRLS Growing Pains Edith's kid brother joins the Navy.
GRACE UNDER FIRE Matthew Gets Busted Matthew (Tom Everett Scott) turns to Grace to get him out of trouble.
GRAPEVINE Pilot Four friends search for love in Miami. This episode: Susan (Kristy Swanson) quietly plays matchmaker for her friend David (Steven Eckholdt). Guest star: Bethany Ashton.
THE GREGORY HINES SHOW Pilot A widower (Hines) and his young son (Brandon Hammond) enter the world of dating. (END IS MISSING)
GROSSE POINTE Pilot A behind-the-scenes look at a fictitious teen melodrama. This episode: Rookie Courtney Scott (Bonnie Somerville) joins the cast of "Grosse Pointe." With Kohl Sudduth, Irene Molloy, Al Santos, Kyle Howard and Lindsay Sloane.
GROUNDED FOR LIFE Lily B. Goode A young father (Donal Logue) meets his commitments while yearning for a carefree life. This episode: Sean catches his daughter (Lynsey Bartilson) making out. With Megyn Price.
GROWING PAINS Mandingo A travel snafu strands Julie with Mike.
GROWN UPS Pilot An optimistic young professional (Jaleel White) gets a promotion and a new roommate.
GUYS LIKE US (1998) Pilot Two hip bachelors must adjust when they take in one's younger brother.
HAPPY DAYS The Lemon  
HARPER VALLEY PTA Stella and Howard Stella soars up the social ladder when it appears she has inherited millions from a man whose life she saved years ago -- and plunges into the Reilly Swamp to save the fallen Flora Simpson Reilly, who refuses to drain the muddy waters.
HE & SHE Phantom of 84th Street Oscar North's Picasso is stolen from the Hollisters' apartment.
HEAD OF THE CLASS Viki's Torn Genes Billy (Billy Connolly) helps Viki (Lara Piper) find her birth mother, but their happiness is short-lived. With William G. Schilling.
HEAD OVER HEELS One Down Quarrelsome brothers manage their free-spirited mother's video dating service. (Premiere)
HEARTS AFIRE Fat like Me Georgie (Markie Post) goes under cover to do a story on what it feels like to be overweight. With John Ritter.
HILL STREET BLUES Hill Street Station (Premiere)
HILLER AND DILLER Pilot A pair of TV comedy writers (Kevin Nealon, Richard Lewis) try to perfect fatherhood.
HITZ Pilot Two music executives join forces to find a client and save their jobs.
HOGAN FAMILY, THE (aka VALERIE) One of a Kind Valerie's cranky aunt dies while visiting the Hogans.
HOLDING THE BABY Pilot A single dad relies on the help of his fickle brother and a reluctant nanny.
THE HOME COURT Syd and Sensibility  
HOME IMPROVEMENT Taps Jill deals with her feelings of guilt after tragedy strikes her family.
HOME MOVIES Get Away from My Mom Single woman's diminutive third grader spends his time making movies. (Premiere)
HOMEBOYS IN OUTER SPACE Pilot Two young free-lancers traverse galaxies in the 23rd century.
THE HONEYMOONERS Vacation at Fred's Landing Alice and Trixie want to vacation in Atlantic City but Ralph and Norton insist on going camping. After one day in the wilderness, Ralph and Norton realize that the great outdoors isn't what they had hoped.
HOPE & GLORIA Comeback Lil' Tina  
HOUSE RULES Pilot Three lifelong friends (Maria Pitillo, David Newsom, Bradley White) share quarters in Denver.
HUDSON STREET One for the Monet  
THE HUGHLEYS Pilot A black businessman fears success will separate him from his roots.
HYPE Pilot An ensemble cast presents comic sketches lampooning popular culture. This episode: Celebrities are satirized. With Frank Caliendo, Jennifer Elise Cox, Gavin Crawford, Daniele Gaither, Nadya Ginsburg, Steve Kramer, Christen Nelson, Michael Roof, Shayma Tash and Chris Williams.
I DREAM OF JEANNIE The Wedding A mannequin fills in for Jeannie at the wedding.
I LOVE LUCY Be a Pal  
IN THE HOUSE Mother of Invention Tonia and Maxwell plan to get rich from their new device; guest Jackie Joyner-Kersee.
INK Logan's Run Competitors Mike and Jack Stein abandon ethics for an exclusive interview.
IT'S LIKE, YOU KNOW… Pilot A cynical New York journalist moves to Los Angeles to do research for a book.
JACKSON 5IVE The Wizard of Soul  
THE JAMIE FOXX SHOW Pilot Aspiring performer Jamie King (Jamie Foxx) works at his aunt and uncle's hotel.
THE JEFF FOXWORTHY SHOW Twister of Fate A storm prompts Jeff and Karen to consider guardians for the boys.
THE JEFFERSONS George and the Manager  
JENNY Pilot A young woman (Jenny McCarthy) leaves her dead-end life to move to Hollywood.
JESSE A Side of Chile Male relatives complicate the life of a young, single mother (Christina Applegate). (Premiere)
THE JOB Pilot A plainclothes detective (Denis Leary) battles both the bad guys and his own inner demons on the streets of New York. This episode: McNeil's health problems plague him.
JULIA Mama's Man A widowed nurse looks for a job to support her 6-year-old son.
JULIE Happy Face Julie pushes her daughter into auditioning for the school play.
JUST SHOOT ME Slow Donnie Elliott's lecherous, witless brother tells Maya his slowness is an act.
JUST SHOOT ME Secretary's Day Co-workers upset Finch when they bestow gifts on Secretary's Day.
KATE & ALLIE The Return of Bob Barsky Allie's ex-football player beau moves to New York.
KATIE JOPLIN I'd Rather Be in Philadelphia A woman with a rocky personal life gets her own advice radio show in Philadelphia. (Premiere)
KELLY KELLY Episode One A career woman (Shelley Long) falls for a fire chief (Robert Hays) with four children. (Premiere)
THE KING OF QUEENS Pilot In-laws (Jerry Stiller, Lisa Rieffel) displace Doug Heffernan (Kevin James) and his 70-inch TV from a basement lair; with Leah Remini.
KING OF THE HILL Keeping Up with Our Joneses Hank's anti-smoking lesson for Bobby leads to the family's nicotine addiction.
KRISTIN Pilot A wholesome Oklahoma girl (Kristin Chenoweth) seeking her fortune in the Big Apple works for an immoral tycoon (Jon Tenney).
LADIES MAN Pilot Jimmy Stiles (Alfred Molina) shares a house with his wife, ex-wife, mother and two young daughters.
THE LAST FRONTIER A Little Night Oosik  
LAVERNE & SHIRLEY A Visit to the Cemetery  
LEAVE IT TO BEAVER Beaver's Cat Problem A neighbor's cat keeps returning to Beaver.
LIFE WITH ROGER Pilot A repressed doctor befriends a man he saved from jumping.
LIFE… AND STUFF The First One Marriage and parenthood test a harried ad executive (Rick Reynolds); with Pam Dawber; David Bowe.
LIFE'S WORK Dates Lisa acts as a matchmaker for her boss and his former college sweetheart.
LIVING IN CAPTIVITY Sex and the Suburbs An early-morning earthquake routs pajama-clad neighbors.
LIVING SINGLE Mommy Not Dearest Maxine's mother (CCH Pounder) makes an unexpected visit.
LOVE & MONEY Pilot The cellar-dwelling handyman of a deluxe New York City apartment building falls in love with a socialite tenant in the tower penthouse.
THE LOVE BOAT Baby Talk; My Friend, the Executrix; Programmed for Love Two people meet the surrogate mother they've hired to bear their child; Julie's aunt is broke; a woman competes with a robot for a man.
LOVE, AMERICAN STYLE Love and the Roommate A man falls for his date's roommate.
LOVE, AMERICAN STYLE Love and the Happy Days  
M.Y.O.B. Bad Seed A teen-age runaway (Katharine Towne) searching for her birth mother winds up on the doorstep of her uptight aunt (Lauren Graham). This episode: Riley moves in with her Aunt Opal. (Premiere)
MAD ABOUT YOU The Penis Paul's Uncle Phil (Mel Brooks) wants the baby to share his name.
MAD TV Mad TV Does Hard Time "O.J. Bloopers"; "Gump Fiction"; "Dead McMahon Walking"; "Clops."
MAGGIE Maggie On her 40th birthday, a wife, mother and veterinary student (Ann Cusack) has romantic fantasies.
MAGGIE WINTERS Total Eclipse After a failed marriage and inconsequential jobs, the girl most-likely-to-succeed (Faith Ford) comes home. (Premiere)
MAJOR DAD Jr. Polly's morning sickness gives Mac hopes of fatherhood.
MAKE ROOM FOR DADDY Too Good for Words A columnist criticizes Danny.
MAKING THE GRADE Guess Who's Coming to Class  
MALCOLM & EDDIE Pilot Two seemingly incompatible strangers (Malcolm-Jamal Warner, Eddie Griffin) become roommates in Kansas City.
MALCOLM IN THE MIDDLE Pilot After his oldest brother is sent to military camp, Malcolm (Frankie Muniz), a child genius, is left in the middle between his two other brothers.
MARRIED...WITH CHILDREN Chicago Shoe Exchange Al and Griff swap shoes for mall merchandise.
MARTIN I'm Not Your Superwoman Bedridden Martin expects Gina to baby him.
THE MARTIN SHORT SHOW The Steve Martin Show  
MAUDE Walter's Pride Walter would rather go barnkrupt than allow Maude to mortgage the house that is in her name.
McHALE'S NAVY Three Girls on an Island McHale and his crew set out to find three USO girls on an uncharted island.
ME AND THE CHIMP Mike's Day with Buttons Buttons goes to the office with Mike.
MEEGO Pilot  
MEN BEHAVING BADLY (USA) I Am What I Am A women's group awards Jamie a cash prize for his photography.
THE MIKE O'MALLEY SHOW Pilot Events at his friend's wedding force Mike (Mike O'Malley) to contemplate life-changing decisions.
MILLENNIUM Jose Chung's Doomsday Defense Frank (Lance Henriksen) and his associates come to the aid of an author who is being hunted down following the publication of an expose. Guest star: Charles Nelson Reilly as Jose Chung.
MINOR ADJUSTMENTS Make My Day Trevor's attitude changes when he takes martial-arts classes.
MISSION HILL Pilot A young man is forced to care for his teen-age brother in the big city.
MOESHA Niece  
THE MONKEES Monkee vs. Machine Wool Hat starts a job at a toy company.
MOVIE STARS Pilot A Hollywood couple juggle successful film careers with raising a family.
MR. SUNSHINE Pilot A witty English professor, blinded in an accident, attends a club for newly divorced people.
MURPHY BROWN A Comedy of Eros A director transforms Frank's autobiographical play into a gay love story.
MY FAVORITE MARTIAN Horse and Buggy Martin Martin becomes the blood brother of a race horse when a mosquito bites the animal after biting Martin. Now whatever the horse feels, Martin feels, and he must contend with reversing the effects of the mosquito bite while trying to help the horse win the race.
MY THREE SONS Leaving the Nest Robbie and Katie want to move into an apartment.
MY WIFE AND KIDS Of Breasts and Basketball Michael (Damon Wayans) doesn't take it well when he loses at basketball; Claire (Jazz Raycole) buys a padded bra.
MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000 Manos, the Hands of Fate  
THE NAKED TRUTH Bully for Dave The Inquisitor reports an erroneous death; Dave dates a woman he adored in high school.
THE NANNY Kissing Cousins Fran's latest Mr. Right turns out to be her cousin.
NASTY BOYS Fire and Ice While trying to flush out the major producers and distributors of "ice," a new, lethal drug invading their territory, the Nasty Boys lose their "lone wolf" existence when they are assigned to the brash, unorthodox Lt. Krieger.
NED AND STACEY Reality Check Ned (Thomas Haden Church) seeks Olivia Newton-John for a product endorsement.
THE NERD   (Premiere)
THE NEW ADDAMS FAMILY Halloween With the Addams Family Robbers target the Addams house on Halloween night; guest Jerry Van Dyke.
THE NEW LEAVE IT TO BEAVER The Piano Lesson Kelly fools her parents into thinking she can play the piano.
NICK FRENO: LICENSED TEACHER Cheap-Os Nick (Mitch Mullany) uses acting skills to teach his first class. (Premiere)
NIGHT COURT Contempt of Courting A replacement judge (Ann Turkel) jails Christine on contempt charges.
NIKKI Fierce Newlyweds Nikki and Dwight (Nikki Cox, Nick Von Esmarch) chase their working-class dreams on the Las Vegas strip. This episode: Dwight's mother (Christine Estabrook) arrives.
THE NORM SHOW Norm and the Prototype Ex-hockey player (Norm Macdonald) becomes a social worker; with Laurie Metcalf. (Premiere)
NORMAL, OHIO Foreign Affairs Butch (John Goodman) discovers his father's (Orson Bean) long-held secret from the Korean War; Pamela is (Joely Fisher) attracted to Robbie's history teacher (guest star Anthony Tyler Quinn). With Cody Kasch.
THE OBLONGS Misfit Love An animated clan of outcasts lives downstream from a toxic waste site. This episode: Milo's star-crossed love affair. Voices of Will Ferrell, Jean Smart and Pamela Segall Adlon.
ODD MAN OUT Good Will Hunting Julia tests Jordan's fitness as a guardian by trading places as the children's mother.
OH BABY Pilot A single woman (Cynthia Stevenson) chronicles her pregnancy on video; with Joanna Gleason.
OH GROW UP Pilot A successful businessman's life is disrupted when he is forced to learn the importance of friends and family.
OPEN HOUSE Murder, He Wrote Ted misunderstands Linda's warning about his client, an accused killer.
OVER THE TOP I'm Bonnie, I'm Clyde An unemployed actor (Tim Curry) lands on the doorstep of one of his ex-wives (Annie Potts). (Premiere)
THE PARENT 'HOOD When Robert Met Jerri Robert and Jerri recall the development of their romance.
THE PARKERS Grape Nuts A teen-ager (Countess Vaughn) is mortified when her mother (Mo'Nique) enters college. (Premiere)
THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY The Partridge Papers The school paper's editor threatens to print Laurie's diary.
PAYNE Sexual Intercom An intercom allows Royal and Connie to spy on guests.
PEARL The Two Mrs. Rizzos Annie's ex-boyfriend finds a lot in common with Pearl; Joey moves out of the house.
THE PJs Bones, Bugs and Harmony Thurgood assumes the worst when he finds Mrs. Avery eating dog food.
PREFECT STRANGER The Gift of the Mypiot Larry's (Mark Linn-Baker) Christmas spirit is tested when Balki (Bronson Pinchot) invites his Scrooge-like boss (Sam Anderson) to their party.
PRINCESSES Someday My Prince Will Gum  
PUBLIC MORALS The Blue Cover Morals officers get down and dirty to keep New York streets clean. (Premiere)
REDHANDED   Hidden cameras capture people committing the seven deadly sins; narrator Adam Carolla. (Premiere)
REMEMBER WENN World of Tomorrow Jeff goes to London to help Victor broadcast for the BBC.
REUNITED Pilot A young misfit claims to be the daughter Nicki Beck (Julie Haggerty) gave up for adoption.
RHODA Meet the Goodwins Benny's brother falls for Rhoda.
ROC The Second Time Around On the day that the Emersons are to renew their wedding vows, Eleanor gets upset when she learns that Roc is coaching her brother, David, on how to be more sexually aggressive. Meanwhile, Joey brings two dates to the wedding and attempts to let neither know that the other exists.
ROLL OUT! Blues for B.J. The drivers help B.J. win money for his niece's surgery.
ROOM FOR TWO Moving On (Premiere)
THE ROYAL FAMILY Talkin' Baseball Al won't let Kim try out for the baseball team.
THE RUBY WAX SHOW Pilot Sketches and interviews with Pamela Lee, Bette Midler and Goldie Hawn.
SABRINA, THE TEENAGE WITCH Terrible Things Sabrina (Melissa Joan Hart) meddles in her friends' fates by granting their wishes.
SAMMY Denver An actor's father reunites with his family years after abandoning them. This episode: James gets a book deal. With the voices of David Spade and Harland Williams.
SANFORD & SON The Dowry Fred wants Lamont to marry a woman with a dowry. (Premiere)
SAVED BY THE BELL Practical Jokes Someone plays a practical joke on Miss Bliss.
SAVED BY THE BELL: THE COLLEGE YEARS The Rave Zack throws a party to raise money for a vacation.
SAVED BY THE BELL: THE NEW CLASS Let the Games Begin Megan runs the blood drive; the gang plans a camping trip.
THE SECRET DIARY OF DESMOND PFEIFFER A.O.L.: Abe Online Lincoln conducts an amorous relationship with a mystery woman via telegraph. (Premiere)
THE SECRET LIVES OF MEN Pilot Three unattached men become one another's surrogate family.
SHADOW OF THE BLAIR WITCH   Burkittsville, Md., resident Jeff Patterson is tried for murder following a life of violence, fringe beliefs and child abduction.
SHASTA McNASTY Pilot The guys set out to make sure their neighbor discovers that her boyfriend is cheating on her. (NOT THE PREMIERE)
SILVER SPOONS Fallen Idol Rick's basketball hero is suspended for using drugs.
THE SIMPLE LIFE Pilot Lifestyle adviser Sara Campbell (Judith Light) moves her business empire to the country; guests Fran Drescher, Rachel Chagall.
SISTER, SISTER When a Man Loves Two Women Geeky Roger transforms over the summer.
THE "SLAP" MAXWELL STORY Show 1 "Slap" Maxwell is released from his sports writing gig because his boss, Nelson, has received too many complaints regarding Slap's column. Slap goes down to Dutchman's (local bar) and drowns his sorrow in booze. The word gets out that Slap is fired from the sports column, and he can't bare the thought. Just as Slap begins to lose hope, he runs into a copule on the bus that inspire him to look on the bright side.
SLIDERS Into the Magic  
SMART GUY Lab Rats T.J. and Mo use Marcus and Yvette as subjects in a lab experiment.
SOME OF MY BEST FRIENDS Pilot A Bronx native full of machismo misunderstands an advertisement and ends up moving in with a gay writer. With Danny Nucci and Jason Bateman.
SOMETHING SO RIGHT Something about Inter-Ex-Spousal Relations Jack and Carly leave the kids alone for the first time; guests Ann B. Davis, Lucy Lawless.
SOUL MAN Communion Wine and Convicts Tim Taylor (Tim Allen) works on church repairs; Mike invites a convict choir.
SPARKS Pilot A new lawyer (Robin Givens) joins a family-run law firm in inner-city Los Angeles; with James Avery.
SPIN CITY Snowbound A snow storm strands Mike, his mother and stepfather at City Hall.
SPORTS NIGHT Pilot A witty staff frantically produces a nightly sports cable program.
ST. ELSEWHERE Cora and Arnie  
STAND BY YOUR MAN Visiting Day The ladies visit the men in prison.
THE STAR GAMES Flip Wilson and Scott Baio  
STARK RAVING MAD Pilot An editor (Neil Patrick Harris) must help a horror-story author (Tony Shalhoub) overcome writer's block.
STEP BY STEP Realty Bites J.T. and Rich squander the rent money, so Frank evicts them.
THE STEVE HARVEY SHOW I Do, I Don't Steve encourages rival coastal rappers to dispel rumors of bad blood between them.
STRESSED ERIC Hospital Eric visits an ER after an ambulance runs him down on his way to a job interview.
STYLE & SUBSTANCE Pilot Producer Jane (Nancy McKeon) tries to change the irritating Chelsea Stevens (Jean Smart), empress of better living.
SUDDENLY SUSAN The Me Nobody Nose Susan aims to prove beauty is an asset; Nestor studies to become a citizen; guest Bob Dole.
TALK TO ME About Taking It Like a Man Popular radio talk show host Janey Munro (Kyra Sedgwick) adds her own unique spin to life in New York. This episode: Janey decides to take her breakup with Steve like a man. Gene Simmons guest stars.
TEEN ANGEL Marty Buys the Farm A teen's recently deceased best friend returns as his guardian angel.
THANKS Pilot The Winthrops, a Pilgrim family, must learn to adapt to life in the New World.
THAT'S LIFE The First One A blue-collar couple take in down-on-their-luck family members.
THEA "?"  
THEN CAME YOU Pilot A newly single woman (Susan Floyd) falls in love with a younger room service waiter (Thomas Newton). This episode: Billie leaves her husband and moves into a hotel.
THREE SISTERS Pilot A mother (Dyan Cannon) and her three grown daughters (Katherine LaNasa, Vicki Lewis, A.J. Langer) share an unconventional relationship. This episode: The sisters reunite.
THREE'S COMPANY Janet's Secret Janet tells her parents she and Jack are married.
TITUS Sex with Pudding A custom-car shop owner (Christopher Titus) deals with his unusual family. This episode: Titus suspects that Erin (Cynthia Watros) is having an affair. (Premiere)
THE TOM SHOW Tom's Back Again A divorced man (Tom Arnold) returns to his hometown with two daughters. (Premiere)
THE TONY DANZA SHOW Pilot A free-lance sportswriter (Tony Danza) raises two daughters in New York City.
TONY ORLAND & DAWN   Art Carney, Lucy Arnaz, Reverand Ike
TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT My Unfavorite Martin Muriel defends Henry to her mother.
THE TORKELSONS The Cotillion At a prestigious dance, Dorothy Jane's date and dress embarrass her.
THE TROUBLE WITH NORMAL Pilot Four men try to overcome their fears with the help of a beautiful therapist. With David Krumholtz, Jon Cryer, Larry Joe Campbell and Brad Raider. This episode: Bob thinks his neighbor is spying on him.
TUCKER Pilot A teen-age boy (Eli Marienthal) attempts to start a new life with his aunt (Katey Sagal) and her dysfunctional family. This episode: Tucker and his mother move to a new community.
TWO GUYS, A GIRL AND A PIZZA PLACE Pilot In Boston, two guys attend grad school, deliver pizza and hang out with pals.
TWO OF A KIND Putting Two 'n' Two Together (Premiere)
UNHAPPILY EVER AFTER The Pride of the Injuns Tiffany joins volleyball to improve her college applications.
UNION SQUARE Hasta la Muerta, Baby An aspiring actress (Constance Marie) works as a waitress in a New York diner. (Premiere)
USA HIGH Good Sports Mr. Macafee enters the girls in a competition after they lie about their gymnastics scores.
VERONICA'S CLOSET Pilot The owner (Kirstie Alley) of a lingerie/book shop gives romantic advice.
THE WAYANS BROS. Marlon Goes on the Road Marlon gets a role in a touring play with singer Keith Sweat.
WELCOME TO NEW YORK Pilot An Indiana weatherman (Jim Gaffigan) adjusts to life in the Big Apple, a network job and an over-the-top boss (Christine Baranski). This episode: Jim has a rough first day.
WHAT ABOUT JOAN Pilot The private lives of high-school teachers as they explore the possibilities of friendship and romance. This episode: Joan's (Joan Cusack) boyfriend gets serious. With Kyle Chandler.
WHAT'S IT ALL ABOUT, WORLD?   Janet Leigh, Paul Revere & the Raiders
WHO WANTS TO BE A MILLIONAIRE?   Contestants vie for escalating prizes that may total $1 million; host Regis Philbin.
WHO'S THE BOSS? Older than Springtime Angela (Judith Light) feels old when she takes an account with a trendy fashion designer (Thaao Penghlis) whose staff consists of young women.
WILL & GRACE Pilot A gay Manhattan lawyer, lives with his gal pal, an interior designer.
WINGS Hosed The breakdown of a new, expensive vacuum takes Joe and Helen to the cleaners.
THE WONDER YEARS Loosiers Kevin takes exception to a gym teacher's bullying Paul.
WORK WITH ME Pilot The Betters, husband and wife attorneys (Kevin Pollak, Nancy Travis), decide to run a law firm together as partners.
WORKING Pilot An industrious young man (Fred Savage) tries to climb the corporate ladder.
WORKING GIRL Just One of Those Things Tess hears Sal and Bryn planning a tryst.
WORKING IT OUT Pilot Two divorcees meet in an Italian cooking class.
YES, DEAR Pilot Two very different sisters and their equally divergent husbands (Jean Louisa Kelly, Liza Snyder, Anthony Clark, Mike O'Malley) rise to the challenges of parenthood, but never in the same way. This episode: The guys opt for a day out at a casino.
YOU WISH Pilot A divorced mother of two unwittingly becomes the master of a genie.
ZOE, DUNCAN, JACK & JANE Pilot Zoe Bean and her three high-school pals come of age in New York City.