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1997 - Present
287+ Episodes

Trey Parker
Matt Stone
Isaac Hayes
Mona Marshall
April Stewart
Eliza Schneider
Mary Kay Bergman
Jennifer Howell
Adrien Beard
Kyle McCulloch
John 'Nancy' Hansen
Nico Agnone
Milan Agnone
Toddy Walters
Jessica Makinson
Jonathan Kimmel
Vernon Chatman
Jessie Thomas
Dimitri Mendoza
Spencer Lacey Ganus
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Toby Morton
Sebastian Yu
Pam Brady
Dian Bachar
Anthony Sant'Anselmo
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Paula Holmberg
Dante Alexander
Dee Dee Green

South Park is an adult cartoon featuring four foul-mouthed elementary school kids. While much of the humor comes from the shock value of South Park's content, the show also has timely satire and often even a message.

Here is the complete episode list for South Park. It includes original air dates, episode numbers, episode titles, and brief episode descriptions.

The first column of this table indicates the episodes of South Park we currently have in our archive. (All episodes were recorded in standard play on VHS tapes.) The entries for this column are defined as follows:
[blank] Episode not currently in archive
ORIG Episode was recorded from its original broadcast
RERUN Episode was recorded from a rerun (no known cuts)

Epsisode 1 Season 1
Number 1
Cartman Gets an Anal Probe Aliens kidnap Kyle's little brother.
Epsisode 2 Season 1
Number 2
Volcano Volcanic activity disrupts a camping trip.
Epsisode 3 Season 1
Number 3
Weight Gain 4000 A celebrity presents Cartman's essay-contest prize.
Epsisode 4 Season 1
Number 4
Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride Stan's dog explores his sexuality.
Epsisode 5 Season 1
Number 5
An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig Stan's mutant twin is unleashed.
Epsisode 6 Season 1
Number 6
Death Stan's grandfather helps summon the Grim Reaper.
Epsisode 7 Season 1
Number 7
Pink Eye Halloween and pink eye.
Epsisode 8 Season 1
Number 8
Starvin' Marvin Government authorities mistake Cartman for a starving child.
Epsisode 9 Season 1
Number 9
Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo Town denizens try for a politically correct Christmas; Kyle's pal Mr. Hankey arrives.
Epsisode 10 Season 1
Number 10
Damien A battle for spiritual domination conflicts with Cartman's birthday.
Epsisode 11 Season 1
Number 11
Tom's Rhinoplasty A substitute teacher threatens Stan and Wendy's relationship.
Epsisode 12 Season 1
Number 12
Mecha-Streisand A prehistoric monster threatens the world.
Epsisode 13 Season 1
Number 13
Cartman's Mom Is a Dirty Slut! The school counselor suggests Cartman find his father.
Epsisode 14 Season 1
Number 14
Not without My Anus Terrance and Phillip battle Saddam Hussein.
Epsisode 15 Season 1
Number 15
Cartman's Mom Is Still a Dirty Slut! Cartman discovers his father's identity.
Epsisode 16 Season 2
Number 1
Ike's Wee Wee School counselor Mackey is fired; Kyle tries to prevent Ike's circumcision.
Epsisode 17 Season 2
Number 2
Chickenlover A crime wave sweeps through South Park.
Epsisode 18 Season 2
Number 3
Conjoined Fetus Lady The dodgeball team heads for the championships; the school nurse has a strange medical disorder.
Epsisode 19 Season 2
Number 4
The Mexican Staring Frog of Southern Sri Lanka A hunting show is in a ratings war with "Jesus and Pals."
Epsisode 20 Season 2
Number 5
City on the Edge of Forever The South Park Elementary school bus crashes.
Epsisode 21 Season 2
Number 6
Summer Sucks A fireworks ban threatens Fourth of July festivities.
Epsisode 22 Season 2
Number 7
Chef's Salty Chocolate Balls A film festival threatens Mr. Hankey.
Epsisode 23 Season 2
Number 8
Chicken Pox The boys' parents try to expose them to chicken pox.
Epsisode 24 Season 2
Number 9
Roger Ebert Should Lay Off the Fatty Foods The new planetarium has a strange pull on Stan, Kyle and Kenny; Cartman wants the lead in a Cheesy Poofs commercial.
Epsisode 25 Season 2
Number 10
Clubhouses The boys build rival clubhouses; Stan invites Wendy to play truth or dare.
Epsisode 26 Season 2
Number 11
Cow Days The boys want to compete at bull-riding; area cows get religion.
Epsisode 27 Season 2
Number 12
Chef Aid Talented friends organize a benefit concert for penniless Chef.
Epsisode 28 Season 2
Number 13
Spooky Fish Stan believes his pet fish is involved in a series of murders.
Epsisode 29 Season 2
Number 14
Merry Christmas Charlie Manson! Uncle Howard escapes from the slammer to join Grandma Cartman's holiday celebration.
Epsisode 30 Season 2
Number 15
Gnomes The boys' class project partner is mentally unstable; a cappuccino conglomerate eyes South Park.
Epsisode 31 Season 2
Number 16
Prehistoric Ice Man Stan and Kyle's friendship is threatened when they discover a man encased in ice.
Epsisode 32 Season 3
Number 1
Rainforest Schmainforest The boys develop a new-found respect for nature.
Epsisode 33 Season 3
Number 2
Spontaneous Combustion Stan's dad must discover why South Park residents are exploding.
Epsisode 34 Season 3
Number 3
The Succubus Chef's family arrives after he decides to get married.
Epsisode 35 Season 3
Number 4
Jakovasaurs While camping, the boys discover the last two living Jakovasaurs.
Epsisode 36 Season 3
Number 5
Tweek vs. Craig The boys coerce two reluctant classmates into a schoolyard fight.
Epsisode 37 Season 3
Number 6
Sexual Harassment Panda Cartman sues Stan for sexual harassment.
Epsisode 38 Season 3
Number 7
Cat Orgy A meteor shower hits South Park; Shelly babysits Cartman.
Epsisode 39 Season 3
Number 8
Two Guys Naked in a Hot Tub Stan is stuck with kids he doesn't like at a meteor shower party.
Epsisode 40 Season 3
Number 9
Jewbilee Kyle and Ike go camping during the meteor shower.
Epsisode 41 Season 3
Number 10
Korn's Groovy Pirate Ghost Mystery Fifth graders plague the boys; pirate ghosts overrun South Park; Korn performs.
Epsisode 42 Season 3
Number 11
Chinpoko Mon The children in South Park are fanatics about Chinpoko Mon.
Epsisode 43 Season 3
Number 12
Hooked on Monkey Fonics The boys compete against home-schooled kids in the annual spelling bee.
Epsisode 44 Season 3
Number 13
Starvin' Marvin in Space Starvin' Marvin has a space ship.
Epsisode 45 Season 3
Number 14
The Red Badge of Gayness Cartman suits up for the Confederacy during the annual Civil War re-enactment.
Epsisode 46 Season 3
Number 15
Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics Collection of musical numbers from Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics album.
Epsisode 47 Season 3
Number 16
Are You There God? It's Me, Jesus The group tries to determine who we are and what we're about.
Epsisode 48 Season 3
Number 17
Worldwide Recorder Concert The group travels to Arkansas for the first Worldwide Recorder Concert. (Episode aka "The Brown Noise")
Epsisode 49 Season 4
Number 1
The Tooth Fairy's TATS 2000 Cartman impersonates the Tooth Fairy and builds a thriving business by appropriating teeth from less fortunate children.
Epsisode 50 Season 4
Number 2
Cartman's Silly Hate Crime 2000 Cartman is sent to juvenile hall, and while the boys attempt to break him out, Cartman adjusts to life on the inside.
Epsisode 51 Season 4
Number 3
Timmy! 2000 South Park Elementary's new student, Timmy, is excused from doing homework when he's misdiagnosed with ADD; so the boys immediately try to get ADD too. Meanwhile, Timmy becomes the lead singer of a heavy metal band.
Epsisode 52 Season 4
Number 4
Quintuplets 2000 A family of quintuplets moves into town, leaving Cartman enthralled and Kenny's mom green with envy.
Epsisode 53 Season 4
Number 5
Cartman Joins NAMBLA Cartman suddenly decides Stan, Kenny and Kyle are too immatuer to be his friends. When he goes in search of more sophisticated companions, he is thrilled to discover plenty of adult men who want to be friends with 8-year-old boys.
Epsisode 54 Season 4
Number 6
Cherokee Hair Tampons A haggling Cartman holds the key to saving Kyle, who faces death due to a rare kidney disease and his mother's holistic remedies.
Epsisode 55 Season 4
Number 7
Chef Goes Nanners Chef cooks up some controversy and divides the town when he protests against the South Park flag.
Epsisode 56 Season 4
Number 8
Fingerbang Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman cash in on pop culture by forming their own boy band. (Episode aka "Something You Can Do with Your Finger")
Epsisode 57 Season 4
Number 9
Do the Handicapped Go To Hell? After being stricken with the fear of God, the boys rush to complete their sacraments in an effort to stave off eternal damnation.
Epsisode 58 Season 4
Number 10
Probably Satan can't make up his mind about who to be with, his former boyfriend, Saddam Hussein, or his new lover; Cartman evangelizes.
Epsisode 59 Season 4
Number 11
4th Grade The South Park boys, now in fourth grade, want to build a time machine to carry them back to the carefree third grade.
Epsisode 60 Season 4
Number 12
Trapper Keeper The new fourth-graders form a partnership with a futuristic life-form to stop a superbeing bent on world domination.
Epsisode 61 Season 4
Number 13
Thanksgiving Special The fourth grade plans to put on a spectacular Thanksgiving play, but things don't go quite as planned.
Epsisode 62 Season 4
Number 14
Pip Chef narrates a tribute to "Great Expectations" when the boys follow Pip on his trip back to London.
Epsisode 63 Season 4
Number 15
Fat Camp Cartman goes to fat camp while Kenny gets paid to do gross things.
Epsisode 64 Season 4
Number 16
The Wacky Molestation Adventure With no parents in the South Park and Eric Cartman in the mayor's seat, the kids rule.
Epsisode 65 Season 4
Number 17
A Very Crappy Christmas Kyle and Ike anxiously await Mr. Hankey. When he doesn't show, Kyle calls the others for a late night emergency meeting. They find Mr. Hankey living with his alcoholic wife and their three little nuggets. He tells them that no one is into Christmas. They all decide to try and spread some Christmas cheer. Their effort fails and the boys decide to create an animated special of their own. Featuring Jesus, Santa Claus and themselves.
Epsisode 66 Season 5
Number 1
It Hits the Fan The you-know-what hits the fan a 162 times when the citizens of South Park hear the word “Sh*t” on the popular show, “Cop Drama.” Boffo ratings have the executives at HBC plotting further use of the curse word, as the nation is struck by a mysterious plague that unleashes the ancient Knights of Standards and Practices. Only Chef and the boys can save South Park, and the world.
Epsisode 67 Season 5
Number 2
Cripple Fight Big Gay Al returns to South Park, only to be thrown out as Scoutmaster to the boys for being gay. The boys rally to his defense, with the help of the new “handi-capable” kid, Jimmy. But there’s only room for one crippled kid in South Park, so Timmy and Jimmy throw off the gloves, as well as the crutches and wheelchair, in an all out slugfest to end all slugfests.
Epsisode 68 Season 5
Number 3
Super Best Friends Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny discover David Blaine, magician and Cult Leader. Stan finds out early that the Blainiacs are not as nice as they thought. Stan has to convince Kyle, Kenny and Cartman that they've been brainwashed... but will he get to them in time? Jesus has a few tricks up his sleeve! Super Best Friends to the rescue!
Epsisode 69 Season 5
Number 4
Scott Tenorman Must Die Cartman plots his revenge on an eighth-grader after a ploy to impress his friends goes down in flames.
Epsisode 70 Season 5
Number 5
Terrance and Phillip: Behind the Blow In the grand tradition of Wham UK, flatulant Canadian superstars, Terrance and Phillip, have broken up over creative differences. The clock is ticking as the boys struggle to reunite the fartastic duo, and recruit them in time for South Park's Earth Day festivities.
Epsisode 71 Season 5
Number 6
Cartmanland Cartman inherits one million dollars from his grandmother, fulfilling his lifelong dream of owning his own amusement park, Cartmanland! A hemorrhoid erupts in Kyle's ass when he learns of Cartman’s undeserved fortune, making him question the very existence of God, and whether there’s a reason to stay alive in a world where someone like Cartman is happy.
Epsisode 72 Season 5
Number 7
Proper Condom Use Thanks to Stan's "handy" work, the children of South Park must endure sex education from the unlikely duo of Mr. Mackey and Ms. Choksondik. While the two adults take their lessons to heart, the children are left frightened, mis-informed, and armed for battle against the opposite sex. Much hilarity ensues.
Epsisode 73 Season 5
Number 8
Towelie The boys get a brand-new video game system and their plans for the next 38 hours is to play it! Unfortunately that can’t be the case when they discover Towelie, a government secret, genetically engineered towel that gets his special powers from… gettin’ high. When the government steals Stan’s new Game Sphere the boys will stop at nothing to get it back. Losing precious gaming time they find Towelie and begin the struggle of the century.
Epsisode 74 Season 5
Number 9
Osama Bin Laden Has Farty Pants The boys decide to get into the patriotic spirit by heeding the President's advice to send money to the children of Afghanistan. But their spirits sour when they receive a package back and their mail becomes the focus of Government investigators.
Epsisode 75 Season 5
Number 10
How to Eat with Your Butt As a prank, Cartman somehow gets Kenny's picture pasted on milk cartons as a missing child, which soon backfires on him.
Epsisode 76 Season 5
Number 11
The Entity Kyle's cousin, also named Kyle, arrives for a visit and promptly embarrasses Kyle in front of all his friends.
Epsisode 77 Season 5
Number 12
Here Comes the Neighborhood Wealthy people invade the humble town of South Park.
Epsisode 78 Season 5
Number 13
Kenny Dies Cartman discovers the benefits of stem-cell research.
Epsisode 79 Season 5
Number 14
Butters' Very Own Episode Butters learns about little white lies.
Epsisode 80 Season 6
Number 1
Jared Has Aides The gang seizes upon an opportunity to make money with a weight-loss program that's sweeping the country.
Epsisode 81 Season 6
Number 2
Asspen The boys head to Aspen, where the slopes are superb and Stan gets into a showdown with the lodge's expert skier.
Epsisode 82 Season 6
Number 3
Freak Strike The gang decides to put Butters up as a guest on a talk show thinking that they will get special favors.
Epsisode 83 Season 6
Number 4
Fun with Veal The boys try to save baby lambs from the slaughterhouse.
Epsisode 84 Season 6
Number 5
The New Terrance and Phillip Movie Trailer The boys look forward to the newest Terrance and Phillip movie.
Epsisode 85 Season 6
Number 6
Professor Chaos When Butters is rejected by the kids, his alter ego Professor Chaos is unleashed.
Epsisode 86 Season 6
Number 7
Simpsons Already Did It Professor Chaos (aka Butters) sets up another sinister plot to destroy the world; The boys invade Mrs. Choksondiks autopsy.
Epsisode 87 Season 6
Number 8
Red Hot Catholic Love The Catholic Church scandal begins to effect the town.
Epsisode 88 Season 6
Number 9
Free Hat The boys try and stop famous directors from ruining their favorite films by enhancing and re-releasing them.
Epsisode 89 Season 6
Number 10
Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society When a female classmate begins to develop the boys friendship is threatened.
Epsisode 90 Season 6
Number 11
Child Abduction is Not Funny The overprotective parents of South Park will do anything to keep their children from being kidnapped.
Epsisode 91 Season 6
Number 12
A Ladder to Heaven The kids win a shopping spree in a candy store, but Kenny was holding the winning ticket. Kyle, Cartman, and Stan decided to build a ladder to heaven to get the ticket from their deceased friend so they can claim their prize.
Epsisode 92 Season 6
Number 13
The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers After watching The Lord of the Rings, the boys are inspired to go on a difficult quest to return their copy of the film to the video store.
Epsisode 93 Season 6
Number 14
The Death Camp of Tolerance The boys are sent to a camp where cultural sensitivity is taught.
Epsisode 94 Season 6
Number 15
The Biggest Douche in the Universe Cartman takes desperate measures to try to rid himself of Kenny's spirit, including traveling to Scotland.
Epsisode 95 Season 6
Number 16
My Future Self N' Me Stan is forced to look at his life 30 years in the future; Cartman tries to launch a new business.
Epsisode 96 Season 6
Number 17
Red Sleigh Down Cartman tries to score some points with Santa Claus by asking him to deliver presents to the needy children in Iraq.
Epsisode 97 Season 7
Number 1
Cancelled The boys find out that Earth is just one big intergalactic reality show that’s about to be cancelled.
Epsisode 98 Season 7
Number 2
Krazy Kripples The kids become embroiled in the life of a disabled celebrity who breezes through town and gets all the attention.
Epsisode 99 Season 7
Number 3
Toilet Paper The boys are under investigation for covering their teacher's house with toilet paper.
Epsisode 100 Season 7
Number 4
I'm A Little Bit Country Mr. Garrison makes the boys write an essay about America's founding fathers.
Epsisode 101 Season 7
Number 5
Fat Butt and Pancake Head Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck come to town.
Epsisode 102 Season 7
Number 6
Lil' Crime Stoppers The guys start their own detective agency.
Epsisode 103 Season 7
Number 7
Red Man's Greed The boys try to save the town from developers.
Epsisode 104 Season 7
Number 8
South Park is Gay! The whole town joins the hip new homosexual craze.
Epsisode 105 Season 7
Number 9
Christian Rock Hard Cartman, Butters and Token score big as a Christian rock band.
Epsisode 106 Season 7
Number 10
Grey Dawn The boys take on the elderly citizens of the town.
Epsisode 107 Season 7
Number 11
Casa Bonita Cartman hatches a plan when Kyle doesn't invite him to Casa Bonita, Colorado's version of a Mexican Disneyland.
Epsisode 108 Season 7
Number 12
All About the Mormons? A new student, Gary Harrison, joins the 4th grade. Gary is a Mormon from Utah. The children decide he needs to get his ass kicked, and they choose Stan to do it. After an awkward exchange of words, Stan is invited to Gary's house, where he learns all about Mormons.
Epsisode 109 Season 7
Number 13
Butt Out After seeing an auditorium presentation on the dangers of smoking (and in some ways, not smoking), the boys light up behind the school and are soon caught in the middle of Rob Reiner's Anti-Tobacco campaign.
Epsisode 110 Season 7
Number 14
Raisins In an effort to find some closure in breaking up with Wendy, the boys take Stan to Raisins(a junior Hooters)so he can forget about her. Meanwhile, a trip to Raisins does big things for Butters, as he falls in love with a waitress.
Epsisode 111 Season 7
Number 15
It's Christmas in Canada When Ike is claimed by his Canadian birth parents, the boys set out to gain an audience with the Canadian Prime Minister. Meanwhile, Cartman's biggest concern is that the boys don't spend all of Christmas in Canada.
Epsisode 112 Season 8
Number 1
Good Times with Weapons The boys buy Martial Arts weapons from the county fair, and turn into Ninja warriors (complete with Anime-style animation). However, when one of Kenny's ninja stars gets thrown into Butters' eye, the boys must do the only logical thing possible, dress Butters up as a dog and take him to the vet. Their parents cannot find out that they were playing with weapons.
Epsisode 113 Season 8
Number 2
Up the Down Steroid Jimmy and Timmy are competing in the Special Olympics, but Jimmy is using steroids to gain the edge on the competition. Once Cartman finds out that the winner will receive a $1000 cash prize, he devises a plan to get into the event, thinking he can easily beat all the handicapped kids and win the money.
Epsisode 114 Season 8
Number 3
The Passion of the Jew Kyle finally sees The Passion of the Christ, and is horrified by it. Cartman on the other hand, is organizing Passion fans to get others involved in the film so they can perform a cleansing. Meanwhile, Stan and Kenny see it, and believe that Mel Gibson should give them their money back. So, they set off to find him in Malibu.
Epsisode 115 Season 8
Number 4
You Got F**ked in the Ass The boys find themselves humiliated on the street when a bunch of O.C. kids come up and "serve" the boys by out-dancing them. Stan takes it upon himself to put together a team to get South Park's honor back in the world of competitive dancing.
Epsisode 116 Season 8
Number 5
AWESOM-O A special package arrives for Butters from Japan. It's AWESOM-O! His very own personal robot. Butters tells AWESOM-O all his secrets, but also one of Cartman's. Upon realizing that Butters has a tape of him making a fool of himself, Cartman keeps up the AWESOM-O charade in order to find that tape.
Epsisode 117 Season 8
Number 6
The Jeffersons There's a new neighbor in South Park, Mr. Jefferson, and he loves children so much, he has all sorts of toys, rides, and food. But is Mr. Jefferson just your average neighbor, or is he hiding a secret?
Epsisode 118 Season 8
Number 7
Goobacks The citizens of South Park find themselves in a bad spot when people from the future start traveling back in time to find work. The future is such an overcrowded, desolate place that the only work to be found, lies in the past. How will the townsfolk react when they lose their job to a Gooback?
Epsisode 119 Season 8
Number 8
Douche and Turd Kyle and Cartman are fighting about who would make a better school mascot, now that the South Park Cows are considered offensive by PETA. Kyle thinks it should be a Giant Douche, while Cartman believes it should be a Turd Sandwich. Stan on the other hand, could care less, and refuses to participate in the vote.
Epsisode 120 Season 8
Number 9
Something Wall-Mart This Way Comes The Mega-store that is Wall-Mart finally opens in South Park. But the store seems to have a strange power over the townsfolk...they can't stop themselves from buying items at Wall-Mart's low, low prices.
Epsisode 121 Season 8
Number 10
Pre-School A horrible secret from their days in Pre-School comes back to haunt the boys. Trent Boyett is being released from Juvenile Hall, and he's out for revenge for a crime he didn't commit.
Epsisode 122 Season 8
Number 11
Quest for Ratings South Park Elementary has a closed circuit television network. Jimmy and "Rick" Cartman are the anchors for "Super School News." Stan reports on school lunches, Butters covers the celebrity watch, Token does the weather and Kyle covers sports. All is going well until Craig premieres a new show that gets much higher ratings than the boys' news program. So, they set out to get better ratings by finding a great story.
Epsisode 123 Season 8
Number 12
Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset Paris Hilton has opened a new clothing store at the South Park Mall and Wendy thinks it demeans women. After finding no help in her parents, Wendy turns to one man for help: Mr. Slave.
Epsisode 124 Season 8
Number 13
Cartman's Incredible Gift Cartman suffers a head wound after trying to fly from the top of his roof. When he awakens, he believes he has psychic powers. When a serial killer comes to South Park, Cartman will use his gift to find him...or will he?
Epsisode 125 Season 8
Number 14
Woodland Critter Christmas It's Christmas in South Park once again. This year Stan, the boy with the red poof-ball hat, finds himself helping out a group of adorable critters that live in the forest. They ask him to help protect their pregnant friend, who will give birth to their Lord's son. Everything is going well until Stan learns who these critters worship.
Epsisode 126 Season 9
Number 1
Mr. Garrison's Fancy New Vagina Mr. Garrison decides to get a sex change operation, a vaginaplasty which prompts Kyle to want a negroplasty so he can be tall and black enough to play basketball.
Epsisode 127 Season 9
Number 2
Die Hippie, Die There's a mass influx of hippies coming into South Park, and Cartman is intent on putting a stop to them.
Epsisode 128 Season 9
Number 3
Wing Realizing that they can cash in on other's talents by acting as clients, the gang successfully charms Token in to letting them represent him. When another talent agency steals him away, they find their next star in Wing, the wife of Mr. Lu Kim.
Epsisode 129 Season 9
Number 4
Best Friends Forever In this Emmy winning episode, Kenny is the first kid in South Park to get the new Playstation Portable; a device that was actually created by God to determine who has the best skills to defeat the armies of Satan. Things get complicated when Kenny is brought back to life but resides in a vegetative state.
Epsisode 130 Season 9
Number 5
The Losing Edge The South Park boys are playing the final Little League game of the season. They win, and are glad to be done with it. But they soon find out that winning was only the beginning, now they're forced to play in the National circuit, and risk wasting their whole summer. There's only one way out: Lose, and lose big.
Epsisode 131 Season 9
Number 6
The Death of Eric Cartman After Cartman performs a truly despicable act, the boys decide that everyone should ignore Cartman to teach him a lesson. Cartman soon comes to the conclusion that he's dead, and the only person that seems to be able to see him is Butters.
Epsisode 132 Season 9
Number 7
Erection Day Jimmy is having trouble controlling his body, and it seems like it could hurt him in the school's big talent show. So, he goes on a journey to "fix" the problem.
Epsisode 133 Season 9
Number 8
Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow After playing in a boat, Stan and Cartman accidentally flood the nearby town of Beaverton. The adults however find another cause for the flood: Global Warming.
Epsisode 134 Season 9
Number 9
Marjorine When Cartman finds out that the girls have a device that can see into the future, the boys come up with a plan to have Butters go undercover to get it.
Epsisode 135 Season 9
Number 10
Follow That Egg The gay marriage debate lands in South Park and unbeknownest to them, Stan & Kyle hold the answer in their hands.
Epsisode 136 Season 9
Number 11
Ginger Kids After giving a presentation on 'Ginger Kids' in class, Cartman gets the other students to discriminate against them. To teach him a lesson, Stan, Kyle, and Kenny sneak in to his room and use makeup to give him the appearance of a Ginger. Their lesson is not realized when Cartman begins to rally his fellow Gingers against the other kids.
Epsisode 137 Season 9
Number 12
Trapped in the Closet Stan finds out that he's depressed after taking a test given to him by Scientologists. After joining his new religion, the other members realize that he is the reincarnation of their leader. Upon hearing this, the Scientology masses arrive outside his house, but several members end up in the closet instead.
Epsisode 138 Season 9
Number 13
Free Willzyx When a talking Orca whale, named Willzyx, speaks to Kyle and the boys, they're desperate to get him to his home on the moon. With some help from the other kids of South Park, they risk everything when they break in to the Sea Park and steal him from his tank. Now all they need is a foreign nation that will launch a stolen whale in to space.
Epsisode 139 Season 9
Number 14
Bloody Mary After receiving a DUI, Randy attends an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting where he realizes that he is powerless to control his drinking problem. But when a statue of the Virgin Mary begins to bleed, he sees it as a miracle that can cure him of his 'disease.'
Epsisode 140 Season 10
Number 1
The Return of Chef! The town is excited when Chef returns to town after world traveling with the “Super Adventure Club,” but the boys notice something is different about Chef. It seems that Chef’s new sense of adventure has gotten the better of him and the boys try to save him.
Epsisode 141 Season 10
Number 2
Smug Alert! Stan is the driving force who gets the citizens of South Park to all buy hybrid cars. Just as everyone starts to feel really good about what they’re doing to help save the earth, a stormy dark mass has started accumulating over the town.
Epsisode 142 Season 10
Number 3
Cartoon Wars (Part 1) Cartman and Kyle are at war over the popular cartoon, "Family Guy". Kyle loves it and Cartman hates it. When the show airs some controversial content the boys go on a cross country chase with the fate of "Family Guy" lying with the first boy to reach Hollywood.
Epsisode 143 Season 10
Number 4
Cartoon Wars (Part 2) With Kyle left behind, Cartman makes his way to FOX to get the "Family Guy" episode pulled, hoping to ultimately get rid of the show once and for all.
Epsisode 144 Season 10
Number 5
A Million Little Fibers Towelie writes a book and it gets selected for Oprah’s book club. It becomes a best seller with everyone getting a lot help for their addictions; until a faction of Oprah's staff leak the truth about the book.
Epsisode 145 Season 10
Number 6
ManBearPig While assisting an ex-Vice President in his quest for attention, the boys get trapped by a cave-in and while searching for a way out, Cartman discovers treasure. Now he has to figure out how to get out of the cave without the others knowing about it and he can keep it all for himself.
Epsisode 146 Season 10
Number 7
Tsst When Cartman's mom realizes she can't control her son anymore, she gets help from an expert. Cesar Millan, “The Dog Whisperer" takes on the challenge and while he might have what it takes, Eric Cartman's not going down without a fight.
Epsisode 147 Season 10
Number 8
Make Love, Not Warcraft A renegade player threatens the massively multiplayer online game World of Warcraft and the fate of the game lay in the hands of Cartman, Kyle, Stan and Kenny.
Epsisode 148 Season 10
Number 9
Mystery of the Urinal Deuce Cartman reveals who masterminded the attacks of 9/11, while Kyle and Stan search for the real truth; meanwhile Mr. Mackey just wants to know who dropped the deuce in the urinal.
Epsisode 149 Season 10
Number 10
Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy Cartman, South Park Elementary’s new hallway monitor, takes it personally when he finds out that a teacher has been kissing a student in his jurisdiction. He helps Kyle stop his little brother’s affair with his “Nice” hot teacher.
Epsisode 150 Season 10
Number 11
Hell on Earth 2006 Satan is throwing the world's biggest Halloween costume party, and no one is getting in without a blue wrist band. Unfortunately, even Satan can't plan for everything as a religious organization and the antics of the most notorious serial killers of all time might ruin his good time.
Epsisode 151 Season 10
Number 12
Go God Go The topic of evolution is introduced to the 4th graders of South Park Elementary, and while their teacher is against the theory a change of mind has implications for the future. And speaking of the future, Cartman is trying to send himself there; to the exact date that the newest video game console, the Nintendo Wii is being released. (Part 1 of 2)
Epsisode 152 Season 10
Number 13
Go, God. Go! After freezing himself in an attempt to make his wait for the Wii instantaneous, Cartman wakes up 500 years in the future, where there are warring factions, some angry sea otters, and worst of all: No Nintendo Wii! Will Cartman get out of this crazy future? Or will he be doomed to never get his hands on the Wii? (Part 2 of 2)
Epsisode 153 Season 10
Number 14
Stanley's Cup Stan becomes coach of a Pee Wee Hockey team and for the benefit of one his players he tries to make them into a team of winners. Meanwhile his father deals with the memory of Stan’s performance in a Pee Wee hockey game from years earlier, when Stan had the opportunity to score the game winning goal.
Epsisode 154 Season 11
Number 1
With Apologies to Jesse Jackson Randy uses the "N" word on live TV and faces public ridicule for it and Stan tries to understand Token’s feelings on the subject. Meanwhile, a little person visits South Park Elementary and Cartman can't stop himself from laughing at him.
Epsisode 155 Season 11
Number 2
Cartman Sucks Butters' dad sends him off to special camp to “Pray the Gay Away” when he believes that his son is bi-curious after catching him in a compromising position with Cartman. Meanwhile, Cartman does his best to retrieve a photo of him in that compromising position before too many people find out about it.
Epsisode 156 Season 11
Number 3
Lice Capades When a breakout of headlice hits South Park Elementary, Mrs. Garrison refuses to say which child brought the plague to the school. So, Cartman takes it upon himself to find out who it is so the kids can make fun of them. Meanwhile, a louse Travis, is desperate to save his fellow lice from imminent destruction from a conscious world.
Epsisode 157 Season 11
Number 4
The Snuke The citizens of South Park are gearing up for the arrival of Hillary Clinton for a big campaign rally. Meanwhile, Cartman suspects that a new Muslim student is involved in a possible terrorist attack. Every minute counts for Cartman as he uses his own interrogation methods on his suspect. But could the plan to target Clinton be just the tip of the iceberg?
Epsisode 158 Season 11
Number 5
Fantastic Easter Special Stan wants to know the real reason kids have to decorate eggs for Easter, and what, if anything eggs and bunnies have to do with Jesus dying for his sins. To get to the bottom of it, Kyle and Stan get wrapped up in a bizarre society that guards a legendary secret.
Epsisode 159 Season 11
Number 6
D-Yikes! Once again Mrs. Garrison gets dumped, but this time she decides to take it out on her fourth grade class. When the boys have finally had enough of their teacher's erratic mood swings and excessive homework assignments, they find out that there are people-for-hire that can help out in any situation. Meanwhile, Mrs. Garrison is finding life without men has its upsides.
Epsisode 160 Season 11
Number 7
Night of the Living Homeless The number of homeless people in South Park is increasing as they eat, sleep, and beg for change across the town. While the adults try to find creative solutions to deal with the homeless, the boys are trying to figure out a way to solve the problem for good.
Epsisode 161 Season 11
Number 8
Le Petit Tourette After seeing a kid with Tourette's Syndrome at the toy store, Cartman becomes obsessed with it. He finds out that with Tourette's, he can say whatever he wants without consequence. Naturally, he calls "Dateline" so he can get on national TV and take full advantage of his new found life.
Epsisode 162 Season 11
Number 9
More Crap Randy Marsh becomes a local hero in South Park after the guys at the bar see the size of his latest crap. After some talking with the guys, Randy believes he could be a contender for the World Record. But is there someone else who wants it more?
Epsisode 163 Season 11
Number 10
Imaginationland A bet revolving around Cartman seeing a leprechaun is only the start of trouble when the boys find themselves with the entirety of the world's imagination laid out in front of them. But when a terrorist group attacks Imaginationland, the U.S. Government is eager to find Stan & Kyle.
Epsisode 164 Season 11
Number 11
Imaginationland: Episode II Stan and Kyle are being held captive at the Pentagon until they tell the government exactly how they got into Imaginationland. Elsewhere…Cartman will not give up his quest to make Kyle follow through on their bet to suck his balls.
Epsisode 165 Season 11
Number 12
Imaginationland: Episode III While inside Imaginationland, Stan and Butters must fight for their lives against an army of evil imaginary forces. The Supreme Court declares imaginary creatures not real and plans to nuke Imaginationland, and now Kyle and Cartman have to convince the U.S. military to abort the operation.
Epsisode 166 Season 11
Number 13
Guitar Queer-o Stan and Kyle become obsessed with Guitar Hero to the point where they're breaking high score records and it doesn't take long for Stan to realize that he could go even further with a different partner. Will the stress of being a rock star get to Stan now that his best friend is no longer by his side?
Epsisode 167 Season 11
Number 14
The List The fourth grade girls have compiled a secret list that rates all the boys from the cutest to the ugliest. But when the boys steal the list, the results are not what they expected… The boys are about to find out just how manipulative and crazy little girls can be.
Epsisode 168 Season 12
Number 1
Tonsil Trouble After going in for a routine tonsillectomy, a botched transfusion leaves Cartman afflicted with an incurable disease. When he finds no comfort in his friends and family, how far will he go to find a cure?
Epsisode 169 Season 12
Number 2
Britney's New Look While trying to escape her troubles in the secluded mountains near South Park, Britney Spears has a run-in with the boys. Stan and Kyle get swept up in her celebrity as well as the non-stop feeding frenzy that plagues her wherever she goes. The boys must take Britney to the North Pole when they learn the secret behind what makes her so popular.
Epsisode 170 Season 12
Number 3
Major Boobage In a South Park homage to the 1981 film, "Heavy Metal", the boys try to help Kenny kick the latest drug craze that has become a hit with schoolchildren across the nation. Once Kenny cheeses, he trips into a world that he can truly enjoy.
Epsisode 171 Season 12
Number 4
Canada On Strike The leader of the World Canadian Bureau takes the country into a long and painful strike, demanding "some of that Internet money" from the other Nations. The boys find themselves tasked with resolving the strike so they can see some new episodes of "Terrance & Philip".
Epsisode 172 Season 12
Number 5
Eek, A Penis! With Ms. Garrison out of the school in search of a way to be the man he was always intended to be, Cartman is given authoritah over the classroom. After doing an exemplary job as substitute, Cartman is sent to help inner-city youth.
Epsisode 173 Season 12
Number 6
Over Logging The citizens of South Park wake up one morning shocked to find the Internet is gone. Upon hearing news that there may still be Internet in California, Randy decides to pack up his family and head out West in search of Internet.
Epsisode 174 Season 12
Number 7
Super Fun Time Mr. Garrison takes the kids on an educational field trip to a living museum, Pioneer Village, where all the workers remain dedicated to staying in character. While there, Cartman makes Butters sneak away from the class to go to the amusement center located next door.
Epsisode 175 Season 12
Number 8
The China Probrem It's up to Cartman to face down the Chinese while the American populace is wracked by the haunting memory of recent events.
Epsisode 176 Season 12
Number 9
Breast Cancer Show Ever After she threatens to beat up Cartman after school, Wendy gets in trouble. It seems that no matter how angry Wendy is, all the bets are on Cartman. Everybody knows a girl can't fight a boy and win.
Epsisode 177 Season 12
Number 10
Pandemic When an international crisis strikes, the boys discover a way to make money that seems easy and profitable. Cartman manages to convince Craig that he should help the guys with their scheme. Cartman knows Craig has what it takes to make their dream a reality.
Epsisode 178 Season 12
Number 11
Pandemic 2 - The Startling Giant guinea pigs are attacking cities all over the world. The boys have the key that will save everyone from the onslaught but they're stranded in the Andes Mountains where they find out the startling truth behind the attacks.
Epsisode 179 Season 12
Number 12
About Last Night… The folks in South Park are partying in the streets after a new president is elected. But while the country is celebrating, the President-elect surprises everyone when he shows up at the White House. From the Oval Office, the new president begins to put together a team for the job facing him.
Epsisode 180 Season 12
Number 13
Elementary School Musical When a new kid comes to town, the boys must embrace the latest fad that hits South Park Elementary or risk their status as the coolest kids in school. Stan could lose Wendy if he doesn't get involved, and Cartman would rather kill himself than join in on the fad. But when the boys realize that Butters is more popular than they are, they find that they have no choice but to give in to peer pressure.
Epsisode 181 Season 12
Number 14
The Ungroundable Butters is sure he's seen a vampire at school, but he can't get anyone to listen to him. His investigations lead him to think that maybe he'd be better off as a vampire. Meanwhile, the goth kids are angry and frustrated when the other kids can't tell the difference between goth and vampire kids.
Epsisode 182 Season 13
Number 1
The Ring Kenny decides that taking his new girlfriend to a Jonas Brothers concert might earn him a special place in her heart…not to mention other body parts. Unfortunately, his dreams are crushed when purity rings are handed out at the concert.
Epsisode 183 Season 13
Number 2
The Coon During times of great woe and despair, one young person in South Park takes it upon himself to keep order. "The Coon" rises from the gutter and becomes South Park's sole vigilante…until a rival superhero, "Mysterion" shows up on the scene and challenges "The Coon"'s right to be a beacon for the townsfolk.
Epsisode 184 Season 13
Number 3
Margaritaville While the entire town is busy pointing fingers over who's to blame for the economy, Randy steps forward with a solution for the financial woes. With everyone in town helping, they all start to live without any economy at all. Elsewhere, the ultimate sacrifice is made by an unlikely savior in a bid to fix the town's problems.
Epsisode 185 Season 13
Number 4
Eat, Pray, Queef The boys find themselves victims of an April Fool's Day joke, and it doesn't go over well at all. Butters is down, Cartman is infuriated and the rest of the boys are scared it's going to happen again.
Epsisode 186 Season 13
Number 5
Fishsticks Cartman and Jimmy come up with the funniest joke of all time and it takes off everywhere. But when someone else takes credit for the joke, the boys are furious.
Epsisode 187 Season 13
Number 6
Pinewood Derby It's Pinewood Derby time in South Park, and Stan and Randy are working furiously to build the best car possible. While working on the Derby car, Randy has acquired a very special component to help Stan secure a first place victory.
Epsisode 188 Season 13
Number 7
Fatbeard Cartman decides to become a pirate, and takes Butters and a small group of recruits with him to help make his dream come true.
Epsisode 189 Season 13
Number 8
Dead Celebrities Otherworldly forces are haunting Ike, who's so freaked out that the stress could kill him. Kyle and the rest of the boys bring in professional ghost hunters to see if they can put a stop to the poltergeists tormenting Ike.
Epsisode 190 Season 13
Number 9
Butters' Bottom Bitch Butters has never kissed a girl in his life. Finally fed up with the other boys teasing him, Butters is determined to catch up to the rest of them. Meanwhile, prostitution in South Park has gotten out of control and an overly dedicated cop wages war.
Epsisode 191 Season 13
Number 10
W.T.F. After going to their first live WWE wrestling event, the boys all want to become professional wrestlers. They decide to sign up for the school's wrestling class, but soon learn that the wrestling at school isn't the same as what they saw at WWE.
Epsisode 192 Season 13
Number 11
Whale Whores For Stan's birthday, he and his family go to the Denver Aquarium where they plan on swimming with dolphins. Unfortunately things go from bad to worse when the Japanese attack and kill all the dolphins. The Japanese seem hell-bent on killing all the worlds' dolphins and whales, but Stan takes up the cause to try and save the marine animals from senseless slaughter.
Epsisode 193 Season 13
Number 12
The F Word Harley riders have come to South Park and the boys decide it's time to deal with the problem. They throw down the F word and it's on…
Epsisode 194 Season 13
Number 13
Dances with Smurfs Cartman becomes the voice of change at school when he takes over the morning announcements. His target is Student Body President, Wendy Testaburger. Cartman asks the tough questions and gains a following.
Epsisode 195 Season 13
Number 14
Pee Things at the water park are not what they seem when the boy's fun filled day is about to turn deadly because there are too many people peeing in the pool, which causes disaster to strike and the boys are in a race to survive. Meanwhile, Cartman tries to warn everyone that there are too many minorities, more blacks and hispanics than white people.
Epsisode 196 Season 14
Number 1
Sexual Healing When the successful men of the world suddenly want to have sex with tons of women, the top scientists in the country are brought together to put a stop to it. Once the testing gets underway, it turns out some of the fourth grade boys of South Park are sex addicts.
Epsisode 197 Season 14
Number 2
The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs When the boys are allowed to read a banned book in their class, it inspires them to write their own masterpiece. But it isn't long before Stan's mom finds out and the boys have to work fast to stay out of trouble.
Epsisode 198 Season 14
Number 3
Medicinal Fried Chicken The new state law in Colorado says it's ok to smoke marijuana if you have a doctor's note. So Randy decides he's going to be the first in line for some, except without anything wrong with him, he's turned away and must come up with a medical malady to get his hands on the drug. Meanwhile, Cartman will do anything to get his beloved fried chicken restaurant back.
Epsisode 199 Season 14
Number 4
You Have 0 Friends Even though Stan and Kyle have been friends for years, it doesn't mean anything if Stan won't "friend" him. Kyle "friended" the wrong person so now all his other friends are deserting him left and right. With his problem getting worse by the minute, Kyle turns to the one person who's always been there for him.
Epsisode 200 Season 14
Number 5
200 While on a school field trip, Stan accidentally insults Tom Cruise and sets off a chain reaction. 200 previously ridiculed celebrities stand strong in a class action lawsuit against the town of South Park. This could be the thing that destroys South Park forever. (Part 1 of 2)
Epsisode 201 Season 14
Number 6
201 With Muhammad at the center of hostage negotiations between the town of South Park and both the Ginger kids and Tom Cruise's army of celebrities, the burning question on everyone's mind is... Who is Eric Cartman's father?! (Part 2 of 2)
Epsisode 202 Season 14
Number 7
Crippled Summer There's no time for fun and games for Jimmy and his friends as they strive to be the champions of summer camp. Jimmy's going for the gold in the camp's surfing competition.
Epsisode 203 Season 14
Number 8
Poor And Stupid Cartman dreams of being a NASCAR driver and he is willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen.
Epsisode 204 Season 14
Number 9
It's A Jersey Thing Randy spearheads the town's defense when "Jersey Shore"-inspired Garden State residents are threatening to take over the entire country.
Epsisode 205 Season 14
Number 10
Insheeption When Stan is sent to the school counselor because he's holding on to an obscene number of useless possessions, he realizes that Mr. Mackey had a hoarding disorder too.
Epsisode 206 Season 14
Number 11
Coon 2: Hindsight The Coon leads a group of crimefighters who spring into action to help victims of another drilling catastrophe in the Gulf.
Epsisode 207 Season 14
Number 12
Mysterion Rises The identity of Mysterion is revealed when the Coon, abandoned by his crime-fighting cohorts, seeks revenge in the Gulf.
Epsisode 208 Season 14
Number 13
Coon Vs. Coon & Friends Cthulhu does Cartman's bidding, leaving Coon & Friends at his mercy; Kenny's curse presents a dilemma.
Epsisode 209 Season 14
Number 14
Crème Fraiche Randy's addiction to the Food Network has a detrimental effect on his family.
Epsisode 210 Season 15
Number 1
HUMANCENTiPAD Cartman is feeling left out of the technology craze just as a revolutionary tablet computer is about to be launched.
Epsisode 211 Season 15
Number 2
Funnybot Jimmy hosts the Special Ed department's inaugural Comedy Awards, but a comment about the Germans' sense of humor gets the school in hot water.
Epsisode 212 Season 15
Number 3
Royal Pudding Canadian-born Ike shares his country's obsession with a royal wedding and offers his services when the princess-to-be is abducted.
Epsisode 213 Season 15
Number 4
T.M.I. Cartman is sent to anger-management therapy when he's upset after personal information about the boys is posted on the school bulletin board.
Epsisode 214 Season 15
Number 5
Crack Baby Athletic Association Cartman hatches a plan to help babies who are born addicted to drugs.
Epsisode 215 Season 15
Number 6
City Sushi Butters gets diagnosed with multiple personality disorder, and he's prescribed medication.
Epsisode 216 Season 15
Number 7
You're Getting Old Stan's outlook on life begins to change after his 10th birthday, but it also affects his friendships with the other kids, who find they have little in common with him anymore.
Epsisode 217 Season 15
Number 8
Ass Burgers Stan's stuck in an abnormal rut; Cartman suspects he has Asperger's syndrome.
Epsisode 218 Season 15
Number 9
The Last of the Meheecans Cartman fancies himself an agent of the U.S. Border Patrol when the boys play Texans vs. Mexicans.
Epsisode 219 Season 15
Number 10
Bass to Mouth A hacker wreaks havoc with gossipy Web posts on a site called "The South Park Elementary Eavesdropper."
Epsisode 220 Season 15
Number 11
Broadway Bro Down Randy turns into a huge fan of Broadway shows after he takes Sharon to see a hit musical in Denver.
Epsisode 221 Season 15
Number 12
1% Cartman's lack of physical fitness makes him a target for the other kids' scorn.
Epsisode 222 Season 15
Number 13
A History Channel Thanksgiving The boys learn what really happened at the first Thanksgiving—including an extraterrestrial presence—from a TV documentary.
Epsisode 223 Season 15
Number 14
The Poor Kid The arrest of Kenny's parents sends him and his two siblings into the foster-care system, but the situation creates a dilemma for Cartman, who is left without a target to mock for being the poorest kid in school.
Epsisode 224 Season 16
Number 1
Reverse Cowgirl Tragedy strikes when one of the boys repeatedly ignores reminders about leaving the toilet seat up.
Epsisode 225 Season 16
Number 2
Cash For Gold Cartman targets a specific—and vulnerable—clientele when he starts his own shopping channel for gems, while Stan researches the value of a piece of jewelry that was a gift from his grandfather.
Epsisode 226 Season 16
Number 3
Faith Hilling An evolutionary development poses a grave threat to humanity.
Epsisode 227 Season 16
Number 4
Jewpacabra The town's Easter-egg hunt may be canceled due to rumors of a vicious beast that Cartman claims to have caught on film.
Epsisode 228 Season 16
Number 5
Butterballs Stan organizes an antibullying video when Butters is tormented by an unlikely predator.
Epsisode 229 Season 16
Number 6
I Should Have Never Gone Ziplining The boys try zip-lining in the Colorado mountains on the last day of spring break, but their adventure takes a dangerous, life-threatening turn.
Epsisode 230 Season 16
Number 7
Cartman Finds Love A romance for Cartman may finally become a reality when there's a new girl at school.
Epsisode 231 Season 16
Number 8
Sarcastaball Randy's campaign to prevent head injuries in football radically changes the way the game is played, but the new rules become a national sensation and even make a South Park student a star athlete.
Epsisode 232 Season 16
Number 9
Raising The Bar Cartman finally comes to the realization that he's overweight, but declares that the solution is to ride around on a mobility scooter. Also: Cartman learns he has a rival in a young reality-TV star.
Epsisode 233 Season 16
Number 10
Insecurity Kyle suspects that his mother is having an affair with a deliveryman; Cartman installs a home-security system.
Epsisode 234 Season 16
Number 11
Going Native Butters' obstreperous behavior gives his parents a reason to tell him why he's not like the other kids, so he asks Kenny to accompany him on his journey of self-discovery to Hawaii.
Epsisode 235 Season 16
Number 12
A Nightmare On Face Time The boys' plans to go trick-or-treating as their comic-book heroes, the Avengers, hit a snag when Stan's dad needs his son's help with a new business venture.
Epsisode 236 Season 16
Number 13
A Scause For Applause An icon is implicated in a doping scandal, so supporters start cutting off their symbolic wristbands.
Epsisode 237 Season 16
Number 14
Obama Wins! Cartman believes he can affect the outcome of the 2012 presidential election.
Epsisode 238 Season 17
Number 1
Let Go, Let Gov Cartman infiltrates the National Security Agency and is upset by what he finds in his personal file. Meanwhile, Butters finds a new audience for his prayers.
Epsisode 239 Season 17
Number 2
Informative Murder Porn The boys try to keep their parents from hurting one another by using a distraction in the form of the game "Minecraft."
Epsisode 240 Season 17
Number 3
World War Zimmerman Token is deemed a threat to all humanity by Cartman.
Epsisode 241 Season 17
Number 4
Goth Kids 3: Dawn of the Posers A goth kid is sent to a camp for troubled youth, but upon her return her friends find her changed in disturbing ways, so they turn to an unlikely group for help.
Epsisode 242 Season 17
Number 5
Taming Strange Ike hits puberty, but Kyle worries that he and his little brother are growing apart, so he takes him to a live performance of his favorite TV show, "Yo Gabba Gabba!"
Epsisode 243 Season 17
Number 6
Ginger Cow Cartman facilitates world peace with his latest prank, which brings religious leaders to South Park to witness the fulfillment of a Biblical prophecy.
Epsisode 244 Season 17
Number 7
Black Friday The holiday shopping season begins, and the boys try to figure out how to beat the rush at the mall for deals on gaming systems. Meanwhile, Randy gets a job as a security guard to help control the mall crowds.
Epsisode 245 Season 17
Number 8
A Song of Ass and Fire Console wars escalate as throngs of shoppers push toward the mall in anticipation of Black Friday. Meanwhile, Cartman seeks revenge against Princess Kenny.
Epsisode 246 Season 17
Number 9
Titties and Dragons The war over gaming devices begins as the malls open for the holiday-shopping craze.
Epsisode 247 Season 17
Number 10
The Hobbit Wendy plays matchmaker by trying to pair one of her gal pals with Butters, only to end up in the counselor's office.
Epsisode 248 Season 18
Number 1
Go Fund Yourself The boys name their new start-up company The Washington Redskins.
Epsisode 249 Season 18
Number 2
Gluten Free Ebola Mr. Mackey's proselytizing about his gluten-free diet gets on everyone's nerves, until the whole town decides to follow his lead.
Epsisode 250 Season 18
Number 3
The Cissy Cartman claims to be transgender so he can use the girls' restroom. Meanwhile, Randy's been keeping a huge secret and the pressure is more than he can stand.
Epsisode 251 Season 18
Number 4
Handicar Timmy's new car service is an overnight sensation, but it also makes him a lot of enemies.
Epsisode 252 Season 18
Number 5
The Magic Bush A scandalous invasion of privacy makes the South Park denizens edgy as Cartman and Butters get in possession of a drone.
Epsisode 253 Season 18
Number 6
Freemium Isn't Free Stan's addicted to a new app marketed by Terrance and Phillip, but the duo find that all the money they're making can't buy happiness.
Epsisode 254 Season 18
Number 7
Grounded Vindaloop Butters lives in a virtual reality that causes him to wreak havoc at home and all over town.
Epsisode 255 Season 18
Number 8
Cock Magic Illegal activity at City Wok becomes a distraction that's impossible for the boys to ignore.
Epsisode 256 Season 18
Number 9
#Rehash Randy's forced to perform again after Stan spends all the Marsh's money on freemium games; Kyle gets upset when Ike doesn't want to play with him anymore.
Epsisode 257 Season 18
Number 10
#HappyHolograms Kyle plans a holiday special for TV in hopes of bringing families together again with help from some of the biggest names in entertainment. Meanwhile, Cartmaaan Bra is still trending as holograms continue to run rampant in South Park.
Epsisode 258 Season 19
Number 1
Stunning And Brave The boys show their respect for Caitlyn Jenner when a new principal makes them atone for their history of prejudice.
Epsisode 259 Season 19
Number 2
Where My Country Gone? Mr. Garrison is fed up with undocumented immigrants, and proposes building a wall to keep them out.
Epsisode 260 Season 19
Number 3
The City Part of Town Kenny tries to land a job when the town of South Park begins gentrifying.
Epsisode 261 Season 19
Number 4
You're Not Yelping Cartman becomes a restaurant critic after the parents of a new kid in school open an eatery in the gentrified part of town.
Epsisode 262 Season 19
Number 5
Safe Space Cartman's fed up with Twitter when he's the latest victim of body-shaming. Meanwhile, Randy deals with uncomfortable confrontations at the grocery store.
Epsisode 263 Season 19
Number 6
Tweek x Craig Rumors of a love affair between Tweek and Craig are making the rounds in school, as are drawings of their alleged romance. Meanwhile, Cartman learns he has a secret admirer.
Epsisode 264 Season 19
Number 7
Naughty Ninjas A game of Ninja Warriors is led by Kenny and attracts attention from foreign terrorists. Meanwhile, the citizens of South Park decide they don't need a police department anymore.
Epsisode 265 Season 19
Number 8
Sponsored Content Jimmy challenges PC Principal when the budding newsman is flagged for inappropriate language in the school paper.
Epsisode 266 Season 19
Number 9
Truth and Advertising Two students go missing with PC Principal; and Jimmy tries to learn more about Leslie. Meanwhile, Principal Victoria and Mr. Garrison return but barely recognize South Park.
Epsisode 267 Season 19
Number 10
PC Principal Final Justice South Park's residents feel safer when everyone has a gun. Meanwhile, Kyle finds a dangerous ally when trust issues threaten his friendship with Stan; and Randy's being priced out of town by gentrification.
Epsisode 268 Season 20
Number 1
Member Berries The national anthem gets a reboot by an iconic American, and Garrison continues his campaign for president.
Epsisode 269 Season 20
Number 2
Skank Hunt An online troll threatens to have global implications as Cartman professes his innocence.
Epsisode 270 Season 20
Number 3
The Damned Cartman's disappearance from social media is investigated by the police. Meanwhile, Mr. Garrison prepares for the upcoming presidential debate.
Epsisode 271 Season 20
Number 4
Wieners Out Kyle feels guilty for the tension between the boys and the girls, but Butters brings his gender together to stand up for their rights. Meanwhile, Gerald is worried that his cover may be blown.
Epsisode 272 Season 20
Number 5
Douche and a Danish Garrison finally goes too far at a rally and reconsiders his future in politics. Meanwhile, the kids begin searching for an infamous Internet troll; and Gerald joins the opposition to a Danish campaign tracking nefarious characters on the Web.
Epsisode 273 Season 20
Number 6
Fort Collins An entire city in Colorado gets hacked. Gerald and Cartman may lose everything when their complete history of internet activity becomes public.
Epsisode 274 Season 20
Number 7
Oh Jeez PC Principal plays peacemaker between the girls and the boys one more time. Meanwhile, the election results are in, and Gerald is confronted by the Troll Hunter.
Epsisode 275 Season 20
Number 8
Members Only The President-elect visits to take care of some unfinished business in his hometown. Meanwhile, Gerald flees a vengeful Troll Hunter; and Cartman and Heidi hope to get a seat on the first rocket leaving for Mars.
Epsisode 276 Season 20
Number 9
Not Funny Heidi's sense of humor is championed by Cartman as the reason they'll get to Mars. Meanwhile, Gerald attempts to have a rational discussion with the Troll Hunter; and Garrison surveys the military he now controls.
Epsisode 277 Season 20
Number 10
The End of Serialization as We Know It Heidi's reason to go to Mars finally becomes clear to Cartman. Meanwhile, Sheila sees what Gerald's been up to online; and Kyle and Ike rally the rest of the kids to save the world.
Epsisode 278 Season 21
Number 1
White People Renovating Houses Protestors armed with tiki torches and confederate flags take to the streets of South Park; Randy comes to grips with what it means to be white in today's society.
Epsisode 279 Season 21
Number 2
Put it Down North Korea takes aim at South Park.
Epsisode 280 Season 21
Number 3
Holiday Special Everyone is going crazy as Columbus Day gets canceled and the kids try to bring it back as they would have a free day.
Epsisode 281 Season 21
Number 4
Franchise Prequel Facebook is the ultimate weapon for Professor Chaos.
Epsisode 282 Season 21
Number 5
Hummels & Heroin Beloved entertainers are being cut down in their prime due to massive overdoses of opiates. Stan is about to be exposed as the source of the illegal drugs.
Epsisode 283 Season 21
Number 6
Sons a Witches This year at the traditional Halloween get together, a witch casts a spell that terrorizes the town and ruins Halloween for the boys. Cartman sees a way to use the witch's power to his advantage.
Epsisode 284 Season 21
Number 7
Doubling Down Kyle is playing with fire when he gets in the middle of Cartman and Heidi's relationship.
Epsisode 285 Season 21
Number 8
Moss Piglets Timmy and Jimmy's science project has caught the attention of some very important people who think it can save the world.
Epsisode 286 Season 21
Number 9
SUPER HARD Pcness It's never been more challenging to be a PC Principal.
Epsisode 287 Season 21
Number 10
Splatty Tomato The children of South Park claim to have seen Mr. Garrison lurking around town, and the townspeople are angry that the president is scaring their kids.

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