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1973 - 1974
22 Episodes

Here is the complete episode list for the animated Star Trek. It includes original air dates, episode numbers, episode titles, and brief episode descriptions. (Please e-mail us if you find any errors!:

The first column of this table indicates the episodes of the animated Star Trek we currently have in our archive. (All episodes were recorded in standard play on VHS tapes.) The entries for this column are defined as follows:
[blank] Episode not currently in archive
PURE Episode was purchased on a pre-recorded tape
SYND Episode was recorded from a syndicated rerun (several minutes are typically trimmed from these by the syndicators to make room for more commercials)

These episodes are not for sale or trade. Why not?

SYND 8-Sep-1973 Episode 1 Season 1
Number 1
Beyond the Farthest Star Kirk and crew beam aboard a huge derelict starship from an insect race, and learn that the ship's crew self-destructed rather than carry a still-living malevolent entity to other worlds.
SYND 15-Sep-1973 Episode 2 Season 1
Number 2
Yesteryear Spock emerges from the Guardian of Forever to discover that history has recorded that he died at age 7 undergoing the Kahs-wan ordeal. Spock travels back to 2237 to save his own life. Spock is successful in restoring the proper timeline, however this time his pet sehlat dies during the ordeal.
SYND 22-Sep-1973 Episode 3 Season 1
Number 3
One of Our Planets Is Missing The Enterprise encounters a cloud creature that feeds on the energy of the planets that lie in its path. Spock mind melds with the entity and tells it that it is killing life and he persuades it to return to its place of origin.
SYND 29-Sep-1973 Episode 4 Season 1
Number 4
The Lorelei Signal Investigating a sector of space where starships have disappeared every 27 years, the U.S.S. Enterprise finds a race of beautiful women who survive by drawing the energy from the male members of the ships that they have lured to their planet.
SYND 6-Oct-1973 Episode 5 Season 1
Number 5
More Tribbles, More Troubles The U.S.S. Enterprise again crosses paths with Cyrano Jones, who this time has tribbles that do not breed, but instead grow to a tremendous size.
SYND 13-Oct-1973 Episode 6 Season 1
Number 6
The Survivor Patrolling near the Neutral Zone, the U.S.S. Enterprise finds a ship manned by Carter Winston, a Federation citizen who has been missing for 5 years. Winston turns out to really be a Vendorian, an alien species that can transform its shape at will.
SYND 20-Oct-1973 Episode 7 Season 1
Number 7
The Infinite Vulcan On the recently-discovered planet Phylos, the U.S.S. Enterprise crew meets Dr. Keniclius, a scientist who survived Earth's Eugenic Wars. The Phylosians abduct Spock so that Keniclius can make a giant clone of him with the intention of forcing peace on the galaxy.
PURE 27-Oct-1973 Episode 8 Season 1
Number 8
The Magicks of Megas-tu While exploring near the center of the galaxy, the U.S.S. Enterprise stops at Megas-Tu, a planet where magic and witchcraft are the norm, and their guide is Lucien, who is Lucifer of Earth mythology.
  3-Nov-1973 Episode 9 Season 1
Number 9
Once Upon A Planet Arriving at the "amusement park" planet for some relaxation, the Enterprise finds that the planet's keeper is now dead and the untended machinery is constructing dangerous images from the crew members' thoughts.
  10-Nov-1973 Episode 10 Season 1
Number 10
Mudd's Passion Harry Mudd is once again apprehended and incarcerated by the U.S.S. Enterprise crew, after trying to sell love crystals. Mudd abducts Nurse Chapel and briefly escapes to a rocky planet in a stolen Enterprise Heavy shuttlecraft, but he is recaptured and sentenced to an indefinite period in rehabilitation therapy for violations of the Federation pharmaceutical code, including fraud, illegal drug manufacturing, swindling, and transport of a dangerous life-form (a Rigellian hypnoid).
  17-Nov-1973 Episode 11 Season 1
Number 11
The Terratin Incident While exploring a burnt-out supernova, the U.S.S. Enterprise finds a miniature city called Terratin, and soon discover that it is a lost Earth colony that has mutated because of the supernova's radiation and that the Enterprise crew is beginning to shrink also.
PURE 24-Nov-1973 Episode 12 Season 1
Number 12
The Time Trap Caught in an ion storm, the U.S.S. Enterprise and a Klingon battlecruiser are drawn into a time warp called the Delta Triangle and must cooperate in order to escape it.
  1-Dec-1973 Episode 13 Season 1
Number 13
The Ambergris Element While exploring the planet Argo, Kirk and Spock are made into waterbreathers by an undersea race, and the venom of a deadly sea snake is the only antidote to return them to their normal selves.
SYND 15-Dec-1973 Episode 14 Season 1
Number 14
The Slaver Weapon The shuttlecraft Copernicus lands on a planet to investigate a stasis box from the extinct Slaver race; but the crew is captured by Kzinti raiders who hope to find a super weapon in the stasis box.
  5-Jan-1974 Episode 15 Season 1
Number 15
The Eye of the Beholder Beaming down to a planet to search for the crew of the missing ship Ariel, the U.S.S. Enterprise crew is captured by a race of super intelligent slug creatures and become part of a zoo collection.
  12-Jan-1974 Episode 16 Season 1
Number 16
The Jihad Kirk and Spock join a party of aliens to search for and recover a priceless artifact, the loss of which may cause a galactic holy war; but they soon learn that one of the party is a saboteur.
PURE 7-Sep-1974 Episode 17 Season 2
Number 1
The Pirates of Orion Spock contracts a disease that is fatal to Vulcans, and Orion pirates make it difficult for the Enterprise to rendezvous with the S.S. Huron, a freighter that is carrying the only known antidote.
  14-Sep-1974 Episode 18 Season 2
Number 2
Bem On a series of exploratory missions with Commander Ari bn Bem, a representative from the newly-contacted planet Pandro, the U.S.S. Enterprise encounters a planet of primitive natives under the guardianship of a noncorporeal being.
PURE 21-Sep-1974 Episode 19 Season 2
Number 3
The Practical Joker While trying to escape from three Romulan warships, the U.S.S. Enterprise passes through a gaseous cloud that affects the Enterprise's computer and turns it into a dangerous practical joker.
  28-Sep-1974 Episode 20 Season 2
Number 4
Albatross Returning to a planet where Dr. McCoy headed a mass-innoculation program against Saurian virus 19 years earlier, the U.S.S. Enterprise crew find that McCoy is wanted for starting a plague that killed most of the planet's population following that earlier visit.
  5-Oct-1974 Episode 21 Season 2
Number 5
How Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth The U.S.S. Enterprise encounters a ship in the shape of a winged serpent, which turns out to be Kukulkan, a god of ancient Mayan-Aztec legend. Kukulkan is actually a very long-lived benevolent entity who wants the humans to worship him just as the Mayans and Aztecs did.
  12-Oct-1974 Episode 22 Season 2
Number 6
The Counter-Clock Incident While transporting Commodore Robert April, the U.S.S. Enterprise's first captain, and his wife to Babel, the Enterprise plunges through a nova and into an alternate universe where everything is backwards, and the crew begins to grow younger at an accelerated rate.