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You Can Bet on That
A podcast for the recreational gambler


1997 - 1999
6 Episodes

Here is the complete episode list for Tenacious D. It includes original air dates, episode numbers, episode titles, and brief episode descriptions. (Please e-mail us if you find any errors!:

The first column of this table indicates the episodes of Tenacious D we currently have in our archive. (All episodes were recorded in standard play on VHS tapes.) The entries for this column are defined as follows:
ORIG Episode was recorded from its original broadcast
RERUN Episode was recorded from a rerun (no known cuts)

These episodes are not for sale or trade. Why not?

RERUN 28-Nov-1997 Episode 1 Season 1
Number 1
The Search for Inspirado Kyle and Jack must come up with a new song for their next performance.
RERUN 5-Dec-1997 Episode 2 Season 1
Number 2
Angel in Disguise Kyle and Jack fight over a satanic spinal-piercing clogger.
ORIG 31-Mar-1999 Episode 3 Season 1
Number 3
Death of a Dream Sasquatch plays drums.
ORIG 31-Mar-1999 Episode 4 Season 1
Number 4
The Greatest Song in the World Dispute with a neighbor.
ORIG 7-Apr-1999 Episode 5 Season 1
Number 5
The Fan Star-struck fan.
ORIG 7-Apr-1999 Episode 6 Season 1
Number 6
Road Gig Potato cult.