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You Can Bet on That
A podcast for the recreational gambler


1996 - 1999
53 Episodes

Here is the complete episode list for Tracey Takes On.... It includes original air dates, episode numbers, episode titles, and brief episode descriptions. (Please e-mail us if you find any errors!:

The first column of this table indicates the episodes of Tracey Takes On... we currently have in our archive. (All episodes were recorded in standard play on VHS tapes.) The entries for this column are defined as follows:
[blank] Episode not currently in archive
ORIG Episode was recorded from its original broadcast
RERUN Episode was recorded from a rerun (no known cuts)

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ORIG 24-Jan-1996 Episode 1 Season 1
Number 1
Romance Imagined romance; distraught couple; pro golfer in love.
ORIG 31-Jan-1996 Episode 2 Season 1
Number 2
Charity Fund-raising spectacular; Aged Actors Animal Home; homeless man.
ORIG 7-Feb-1996 Episode 3 Season 1
Number 3
Nostalgia Russian mother's Cold War reminiscences; unfinished movie; folk singer.
RERUN 14-Feb-1996 Episode 4 Season 1
Number 4
Royalty Car salesman is Albanian king; meal for the royal family.
ORIG 21-Feb-1996 Episode 5 Season 1
Number 5
ORIG 28-Feb-1996 Episode 6 Season 1
Number 6
  3-Mar-1996 Episode 11 Season 1
Number 11
The Best of Tracey Takes On... (Part 1)  
  3-Mar-1996 Episode 12 Season 1
Number 12
The Best of Tracey Takes On... (Part 2)  
ORIG 6-Mar-1996 Episode 7 Season 1
Number 7
RERUN 13-Mar-1996 Episode 8 Season 1
Number 8
Death Husband in a scandal; legendary actress; heaven.
RERUN 20-Mar-1996 Episode 9 Season 1
Number 9
Health Health spa; psychosomatic back pain.
RERUN 27-Mar-1996 Episode 10 Season 1
Number 10
ORIG 18-Jan-1997 Episode 13 Season 2
Number 1
Sex Irresistible cable guy; flaccid porn star; rite of passage.
RERUN 25-Jan-1997 Episode 14 Season 2
Number 2
Fantasy Attorney contemplates murder; stunt woman with a midget husband; alien dancers.
ORIG 3-Feb-1997 Episode 15 Season 2
Number 3
Mothers A snob takes in her widowed grandmother; birthing ritual; with Melinda Dillon, George Segal.
RERUN 8-Feb-1997 Episode 16 Season 2
Number 4
Las Vegas Six characters visit Las Vegas.
RERUN 17-Feb-1997 Episode 17 Season 2
Number 5
Secrets Adopted girl learns her mother's identity; flagellation compulsion; with Seymour Cassel, Julie Kavner, Ron Perlman.
RERUN 24-Feb-1997 Episode 18 Season 2
Number 6
Childhood Stuntwoman raised by dingoes; Asian immigrant; with Judy Geeson, John Mahoney.
RERUN 5-Mar-1997 Episode 19 Season 2
Number 7
1976 Literary and business double-dealings are uncoverd at a '70s retro party.
  12-Mar-1997 Episode 20 Season 2
Number 8
Food Bistro table favoritism; cab skewers; unrecognizable stew.
  19-Mar-1997 Episode 21 Season 2
Number 9
Crime Kay is suspected of bank robbery; middle-class couple picks up a mob suitcase.
  26-Mar-1997 Episode 22 Season 2
Number 10
Movies Ill-mannered woman thrown out of theater; film crew invades home; couple saves star.
  2-Apr-1997 Episode 23 Season 2
Number 11
Money Investors in an ostrich business; IRS troubles; recovery dolls; with George Segal; Steve Landesberg.
  9-Apr-1997 Episode 24 Season 2
Number 12
Race Relations Wrong turn; racially mixed jury; rap video; with Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs; George Segal.
  16-Apr-1997 Episode 25 Season 2
Number 13
The Supernatural Chris sells her soul to the devil; cleaning woman practices voodoo; with Matt Frewer; Julie Kavner; George Segal.
  23-Apr-1997 Episode 26 Season 2
Number 14
Politics Affair with a senator; sex scandal mars condo-president election; with Nicolas Coster; Julie Kavner; George Segal; Marcia Strassman.
  30-Apr-1997 Episode 27 Season 2
Number 15
Music Attorney sings to jury; baritone stiffs cabbie; Erin recalls rock-star glory; Mo Gaffney; the Roches.
  28-May-1997 Episode 28 Season 2
Number 16
The Best of Tracey Takes On... II (Part 1) Trevor falls in love with Doris Day; Linda has a new addiction; Ruby Romaine is a grandmother.
  28-May-1997 Episode 29 Season 2
Number 17
The Best of Tracey Takes On... II (Part 2) Trevor falls in love with Doris Day; Linda has a new addiction; Ruby Romaine is a grandmother.
RERUN 4-Jan-1998 Episode 30 Season 3
Number 1
Marriage Death-row marriage; mail-order bride visits groom's mother; advice for newlyweds.
  11-Jan-1998 Episode 31 Season 3
Number 2
Hollywood A star is born; Lady Legends of Hollywood Annual Awards.
  18-Jan-1998 Episode 32 Season 3
Number 3
Smoking Medicinal marijuana; convincing AA members to quit smoking; smoking on the set.
  25-Jan-1998 Episode 33 Season 3
Number 4
Loss Harry is eaten by a crocodile; short husband dies; guilty murder verdict.
  1-Feb-1998 Episode 34 Season 3
Number 5
Agents Faked death; angry client.
  8-Feb-1998 Episode 35 Season 3
Number 6
Age Otto drops dead exercising; married science teacher; DMV forgery.
  15-Feb-1998 Episode 36 Season 3
Number 7
Religion Deprogramming a cultist; heavenly TV pilot.
  22-Feb-1998 Episode 37 Season 3
Number 8
Man's Best Friend Lost shih-tzu forces a plane to land; overly friendly dog.
  1-Mar-1998 Episode 38 Season 3
Number 9
Culture Drunken poet; ladies-room dance; publisher threatened.
  8-Mar-1998 Episode 39 Season 3
Number 10
Sports Race-track reunion; sibling rivalries; NBA aspirant.
  4-Jun-1998 Episode 40 Season 3
Number 11
The Best of Tracey Takes On... III (Part 1) Characters include Fern Rosenthal; Linda Granger; Birdie Godsen; Ruby Romaine; Noh Nang Ning.
  4-Jun-1998 Episode 41 Season 3
Number 12
The Best of Tracey Takes On... III (Part 2) Characters include Fern Rosenthal; Linda Granger; Birdie Godsen; Ruby Romaine; Noh Nang Ning.
  13-Jan-1999 Episode 42 Season 4
Number 1
Dating Fern's first date in 38 years is a Jewish mobster; Linda meets a former date; video dating.
  13-Jan-1999 Episode 43 Season 4
Number 2
Drugs Drug dealer plans to quit the business; Shaneesha forgets her blood-pressure medicine; golf pro uses steroids.
  20-Jan-1999 Episode 44 Season 4
Number 3
Scandal Dentist makes a pass; Sydney finds a hair in bed; teen incites desires.
  20-Jan-1999 Episode 45 Season 4
Number 4
Hair Linda gets a role in "Hair"; Trevor get a Beatles haircut; Erin's hair gets stuck in a tree; Fern's hairstylist is murdered; Shaneesha gets corn braids.
  27-Jan-1999 Episode 46 Season 4
Number 5
Lies Cheating lovers; Chic lies to a cop; Rayleen makes a movie.
  3-Feb-1999 Episode 47 Season 4
Number 6
Erotica Chic thinks he has an original idea; Julie acquires erotic art; Sultan entices women.
  10-Feb-1999 Episode 48 Season 4
Number 7
Books Fern retrieves a lost book; little black book; Della Reese's new book; Kay meets a soul mate at the library; recording Chekhov.
  17-Feb-1999 Episode 49 Season 4
Number 8
Road Rage Linda watches accidents with Chopper Tim.
  24-Feb-1999 Episode 50 Season 4
Number 9
America Joe McCarthy's mistress; Fern chats with an aging mobster.
  3-Mar-1999 Episode 51 Season 4
Number 10
Hype Queen meets a spin doctor; winning a truck; bad-mouthing stars; new terminal.
  10-Mar-1999 Episode 52 Season 4
Number 11
Obsession Sydney goes to her high-school reunion; dance lessons.
  17-Mar-1999 Episode 53 Season 4
Number 12
The End of the World Asteroid shower threatens to destroy the Earth, and everyone has a personal response.